The Sitra Ajra padlock

The Sitra Ajra padlock,

Sitra Ajra is known as the “uncrowned Malchut” in Kabbalah; it is the desire to receive but, in a sense, not receive the same in return. Three emotions impede the emanations of Kether and I refer to them as the “lock of Sitra Ajra”.

The padlock of Sitra Ajra Kabbalah

Even if we have a strong desire to receive, these 3 emotions prevent us from getting what we want, as they act as barriers:

  • Fear
  • Guilt
  • Anger

These three feelings are similar and are all found in our shadow, the darkest part of us but, also the most intimate because it is the part of us that we normally do not show to others.

It is the part of us that we have treasured for years, but often it is also the most forgotten part of us. And if the shadow is a treasure, I would also like to ask…

What is a treasure trove good for?

Many people only want to emphasize their strong sides, discarding their shadows in the process. However, our shadows hold the key to unlocking the mysteries that have long held us captive, keeping us incomplete and blocked.

When the sunlight is intense or when we cannot see because of bright light, we have all felt the need to seek refuge in the shade of a tree.

If we cannot do it by ourselves, our soul and our unconscious will seek to make us face those emotions that hide in our shadow, putting us in painful situations or suffering backgrounds that force us to face our own shadow.

These situations are often excessively painful.

Don’t wait for this to happen; instead, go to your shadow and ask yourself a few direct questions every day, one of them directed at your inner self and the other at your outer self.

  • What bothers me?
  • Who bothers me?
  • What do I regret?
  • To whom do I owe?
  • What exactly am I afraid of?
  • Who or what am I afraid of?

Enter your shadow

Take 5 minutes during your busy day to step into your shadow, visualize these three emotions and connect with the suffering, worry and melancholy they bring into your life daily.

Face these emotions head-on, without fear and be aware of any stored resentments or painful actions you may have taken.

Live 5 minutes with yourself, with that version of you that you don’t like and that version of you that others wouldn’t like. This is work that is done alone and done daily because the antidote that cures forever can only be given in small, persistent doses.

Facing the enemy that prevents you from moving forward, the enemy that puts you in the street, the enemy that does not believe in you and that day after day discourages you from reaching your goal.

Abraham Abulafia, a well-known kabbalist, said:

“We can only be saved by understanding that the shadow that holds us back is our darkness and that the only way to overcome it is to learn to live with it until the day we see the limitless light.”

Wishing you a good journey into your shadow, enabling you to restore yourself (Tikkun) and thus restore the world (Tikkun Olam).

With information from Eder Galleta | The Science of Kabbalah

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