Alzheimer’s, Ice Cream, and Eleanor’s Promise to Her Grandmother

Alzheimer’s, Ice Cream, and Eleanor’s Promise to Her Grandmother,

Eleanor watched her grandmother with concern. She couldn’t understand why her grandmother would forget such basic things as where she placed the sugar or the day she was supposed to pay the bills. Sometimes, she didn’t even remember when she should get ready to go shopping.

Eleanor and her grandmother: how strawberry ice cream became a symbol of unwavering love

— Mom, why does grandma act this way? — Eleanor inquired —. She used to be so meticulous, but now she seems lost and sad.

— Honey, grandma is getting older — her mother replied softly —. Now more than ever, she needs our love and understanding.

Eleanor frowned, — Does aging mean forgetting everything? Will it happen to me too?

Her mother sighed before answering: — Not everyone forgets as they age, Eleanor. But we believe grandma might have Alzheimer’s, which makes her forget things more often. We might consider moving her to a specialized residence to give her the proper care.

Eleanor felt a lump in her throat. — She won’t like leaving her home, Mom. She will miss it.

— That’s possible — her mother admitted —. But she will be well taken care of and make new friends there.

Looking down, Eleanor murmured, — Can we visit her regularly? I will miss her, even if she doesn’t remember much.

Her mother smiled warmly. — We can visit her on weekends and bring her gifts.

With a small smile, Eleanor suggested, — How about ice cream? Grandma loves strawberry ice cream.

The first time they visited Grandma in the residence, Eleanor struggled to hold back tears. Looking around she remarked: — Mom, many residents are in wheelchairs.

— They need them to move around safely — her mother explained —. When you greet Grandma, tell her she looks good and smile.

They saw grandma sitting alone, in a bright room overlooking the garden. Eleanor approached and hugged her.

— Grandma, we brought you strawberry ice cream, your favorite — she said, showing the container.

Grandma took the ice cream and began eating silently.

— Even if she doesn’t show it, she’s enjoying it — Eleanor’s mother assured.

Eleanor felt heavy-hearted. — But she seems not to recognize us.

Her mother tried to console her. — Give her time; she’s adjusting to this place.

The next time they visited, Grandma reacted the same way. She ate the ice cream and smiled but did not speak.

Eleanor, hope in her eyes, asked, — Grandma, do you recognize me?

Grandma looked at her and said: — You’re the ice cream girl.

Tears filled Eleanor’s eyes as she pressed, — I’m Eleanor, your granddaughter. Don’t you remember me?

Grandma smiled sweetly: — I recognize you. You’re the ice cream girl.

Eleanor realized that perhaps her grandmother would never remember her as before. She lived in her world, full of vague memories and lonely moments.

Eleanor exclaimed passionately, — I love you so much, grandma!

A tear dropped from Grandma’s eye as she murmured: — I remember the love.

Eleanor’s mother approached and whispered: — That’s all she needs, love.

Eleanor nodded determinedly. — Then, I’ll bring her ice cream every weekend and hug her, even if she doesn’t remember me.

In the end, feeling loved was more meaningful than remembering a simple name.

Unwavering Love: Beyond Alzheimer’s

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This story has been inspired by its original author, Marion Schoeberlein