The Enigma of Eternal Truth

The Enigma of Eternal Truth,

Once in a realm, its sovereign, King Alden, was ensnared in a whirlwind of thoughts. For days, he wandered the expansive corridors of his castle, his gaze fixed on the horizon, grappling with a dilemma: Why can’t humans be inherently good?

The Enigma of Truth in Alden’s Kingdom

Finding no answers, Alden recalled tales of a hermit named Eryon, residing peacefully in a nearby forest, engrossed in deep meditations. Rumors suggested that Eryon had achieved unparalleled wisdom.

Initially reluctant, the hermit was brought to the castle. His bare feet, unaccustomed to the palace’s cold tiles, echoed through the silent chamber.

“My lord, what do you seek from this humble servant?” Eryon inquired.

With gravity, King Alden said, “I’ve heard of your ascetic life, your abstinence from worldly pleasures. Rumor has it you have profound insights into truth and human nature. How can I make my people better?”

Eryon regarded the king and then responded, “Laws and regulations, Your Majesty, cannot alter men’s hearts. Only through self-awareness and seeking a higher truth can they truly evolve.”

Puzzled and slightly defiant, Alden countered, “But surely, I can ensure they are truthful, can’t I?”

Eryon merely smiled, offering no reply.

Challenged, the king devised a plan: At the main bridge leading to the kingdom, a gallows would stand. Each entrant would be questioned. Truth-tellers could pass; liars would meet their end.

Dawn’s first light found Eryon, after a night of contemplation, heading to the city, leaving behind the forest that sheltered him for years. Approaching the bridge, the captain of the guard inquired about his intention.

Calmly, Eryon said: “I come to be hanged.”

Perplexed, the captain responded, “I don’t believe that’s true.”

“If I’ve lied, then you should hang me,” Eryon countered. “But if you do hang me, then I’ve spoken the truth, and you shouldn’t execute me.”

Overwhelmed by the hermit’s wit, the captain grasped the lesson. Truth is elusive, subjective, and at times, an enigma itself.

Thus, with his subtle wisdom, Eryon taught the kingdom that truth transcends mere word veracity. It isn’t imposed; it’s understood from within.

The Master opines: “Rigid perspectives are mental barriers hindering true introspection.”

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