Day of the Dead

Information about the Day of the Dead, a Mexican tradition celebrated on November 1 and 2 to honor the memory of the dead.

Rituales Día de Santos y Muertos / Day of the Dead and Saints Day Rituals

Rituals for the Day of the Saints and the Dead

Before the Catholic Church claimed the dates of November 1 and 2 and added a day to the calendar, it was well known that the scarce occurrence during the year of the weak light of the sun and the less luminous phase of the moon exerted and continues to exert an energetic movement inward on us, who are also light.

Hanal Pixan

Hanal Pixan Mexico

Hanal Pixan is a custom that dates back to before the arrival of the Spaniards, as much as the existence of Palenque, Montealban, or Jaina, a Mayan necropolis in Campeche. According to tradition, the souls of the departed wander the earth from October 31 to November 2 to experience once a year the comforts and pleasures they enjoyed during their earthly life

Altar Hanal Pixan

Hanal Pixan Altar Elements

The table was made by the Maya during the period of colonial evangelization with branches of the X’colonché plant and the four forks were made from the wood of the kivis tree (they did not use nails, as they thought that the deceased would be hurt and would not want to approach the table if it had nails or wires).

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