Santa’s Secret

Santa’s Secret,

I want to know your secret, a child asked Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. —How do you do it year after year,” he murmured in his ear.

Santa’s Secret — Reflections of Charity and Kindness

—I want to know how it is that the presents you leave when you travel never run out. How is it that you have enough presents for all the boys and girls in the world in your sack, dear Santa Claus? When you visit all the chimneys, big and small, in different countries, it’s never empty; it’s always full.

—Don’t ask me difficult questions,” replied Santa Claus with a smile. —However, the boy answered no and Santa Claus realized that he was looking for an answer. —Now pay attention to me, child,” he ordered. —My secret will make you sadder and wiser.

Magic sack

—Actually, my bag is magic.

—Inside are millions of toys for my trip on Christmas Eve. I visit all the children, but I don’t always leave toys. There are some homes where there is no food, where there is sadness, where there is despair and where there are some bad homes.

—Some are dysfunctional homes where the children suffer. I visit those homes, but what can I take away?

—Although my sled is full of cheerful items, the toys are insufficient for the homes where sadness resides.

—As I reach out silently to kiss each child, I join them in praying that they may experience the joy of Christmas, the spirit that resides in the heart of the child who gives rather than receives.

God hears and answers my prayer

—Homes filled with peace and love will be waiting for me when I return home the following year. Children are also filled with inexhaustible light. Leaving gifts for some people and praying for others takes effort, my sweet little friend.

—But since God can meet every need, prayers are the best gift.

—It’s part of the solution. My bag is magic and that’s the rest. That is also the reality. My bag is full of love. Love and joy are always abundant in my bag because inside are prayers and hopes. Not just toys. Giving is how I fulfill my dreams, so the more I give, the more it fills.

Your bag

—And you want to know something?

—You have a bag of your own, too. It’s inside you and it has as much magic as mine. It is always full; it never starts empty in your life. The source of all light and love is there. It is within you.

—And if you want to help me this Christmas, don’t stress too much about the gifts under the tree. Share your happiness, your friendship, your money and your love by opening the sack that represents your little heart.

—Thank you for sharing the secret. I have to go now.

—Wait boy, says Santa Claus, —Don’t go! —Do you want to share what you have? Do you want to help? Will what you have learned do any good?

And for a moment the boy paused, touched his heart and simply said: “Yes”.

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