Poem: My Wish for You is Time by Elli Michler

Poem: My Wish for You is Time by Elli Michler, InfoMistico.com

Michler’s poetry is renowned for its uplifting approach, brimming with optimism and humanity, leaving a lasting impression on its readers. She gained recognition primarily for her poem “Dir wünsch ich Zeit” (“I Wish You Time”), which has been extensively reproduced and quoted worldwide.

Discover Elli Michler’s ‘My Wish for You is Time,’ and grasp her unique view of time’s value

Penned in 1975, this poem became her defining work, frequently featured in greeting cards and speeches. It echoes her profound desire for individuals to find time to truly live, cherishing life’s simple details.

Elli Michler’s verses: ‘My Wish for You is Time’

My intent is not to gift you something mundane. I yearn to give you something scarce for many – time. Time to savor and enjoy. If utilized wisely, you can attain all you yearn for.

This poem is my year-end offering – ‘My Wish for You is Time.’

I wish for you to have time for your endeavors and introspections,
Not solely for your advantage, but also to share with others.

I wish you time, not to feel frantic or perpetually in haste,
But to always maintain an awareness of time,
And keep a perpetual smile on your face.

I wish for you to have time, not merely to watch it pass,
But to cherish it:
Time for awe, time for trust,
Not just time to watch the clock.

I wish for you to have time to reach for the stars,
Time to grow, to evolve. To simply be you.

I wish for you to have time to rekindle hope and love,
Living in longing makes little sense.

I wish for you to have time to find yourself anew,
To value each day, each hour, each minute as an invaluable gift.

I also hope for you to have time for forgiveness and acceptance.

From the core of my soul, I yearn for you to have time,
Time for life, and time for your very existence.

Elli Michler: The German Poetess Who Discovered Her Literary Calling in Adulthood

Elli Michler, a revered German poetess, was born on August 22, 1923, in Stuttgart, Germany, and passed away in the same city on December 10, 2014.

Michler embarked on her literary career later in life. Before that, she worked as a special education teacher in a school for children with disabilities. This profession imbued her with a compassionate outlook and a unique life perspective, echoed in her poetry.

Although the majority of her work is in German, Michler’s poetry has been translated into many languages and is cherished by readers globally. Her legacy endures through her words, steeped in wisdom and humanity.