Full Moon in Gemini and Mars Energies

Full Moon in Gemini and Mars Energies, InfoMistico.com

The exact time of the Full Moon is this Thursday, December 8, nine minutes after midnight. This particular Full Moon will be in perfect alignment with the planet Mars.

The energies of Mars and the Full Moon in Gemini combine

For this, count on a Full Moon located at 16 degrees of the sign of Gemini, where Mars is also located. At that time, both planets are receiving opposition from the Sun, which is 16 degrees from the sign of Sagittarius.

The Full Moon in Gemini, a sign that is connected to our thought and communication processes, activates our subconscious and causes our inner tide to rise, allowing ideas to surface that we have been holding back from coming to the forefront of our consciousness.

Along with the Full Moon, Mars’ retrograde motion stirs our inner tide and can create a real storm, especially a “brainstorm” that inspires us to change our thinking, alter the course we are on, set new goals, or give more impetus to current ones.

Action and thought

Our symbiotic relationship between action and thought is indicated by the fact that the Moon moves forward while Mars moves backward, both at the exact moment of the full moon and then they move in opposite directions along their respective paths.

This union brings to mind the adage: “Thought without action is sterile; action without thought is blind.” The creative potential exists in the union of the two and this cosmic occasion is ideal for maximizing its development.

An opportunity for diplomatic negotiation and conciliation arises amid tension, even though the Sagittarius Sun opposing Mars and the Moon can lead to major power struggles, forceful measures, the breaking of certain pacts, emotional reactions and strong verbal confrontations.

While this Full Moon can encourage us to put our ideas into practice and help us think of new and bright ones more quickly, it can also have a counterproductive effect causing us to be overly stressed, sleepless and exhausted.

Physical activity

To release accumulated tensions, we must accompany this excess energy that manifests itself in our mental world with physical activity. Some suggestions are walking and breathing exercises.

Similarly, holding in discomfort and anger is not a good idea; instead, let’s express our frustrations before “turning the page”. Let’s use these energies to revitalize ourselves and set our projects in motion.

With information from termometrozodiacal.blogspot.com

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