Lena Stevens Monthly Forecast

Luna Llena en Piscis / Full Moon in Pisces

The crisis is the month of September’s major subject. The term “crisis” is derived from the verb “to decide.” A decision is taken, a decisive point occurs, and a change occurs during this intensive period or turning point.

Lena Stevens Monthly Forecast, September 2022

In a crisis, there is always a need to take action, and frequently, this requires making a decision that affects the direction of action. Depending on your decision during a healing crisis, you could occasionally get better or worse.

You might need to make difficult choices during a financial crisis that alter your regular routines and habits. You can be compelled to face some truths in a marital crisis and make decisions that bring about the necessary transformation.

A health emergency frequently serves as a wake-up call to make important life changes that lead you down a new path.

The word crisis frequently elicits a negative reaction in us

In actuality, crises frequently serve as the impetus for desperately needed change, fostering progress toward important and constructive evolution. Our bodies are built to react to situations of stress by taking immediate action, such as the fight-or-flight response.

Fear is a common reaction to a crisis. There is strength on the other side if we can get past the fear. This month is an excellent time to actively engage with the topic of crisis and utilize it as a catalyst for making the necessary changes rather than letting temporary fear paralyze you.

Consider this month to be one of the possible breakthroughs as we are compelled to examine deeply our principles, routines, patterns, beliefs, and behaviors. This month’s work will focus a lot on relationships, as well as how we see ourselves, the people around us, and the purpose of our existence.

The crisis that impacts a community will either fracture what is ready to rebuild itself differently or bring people closer together. The truth that can unblock the way for fresh perspectives and dissolve calcified attitudes is revealed by the crisis.

Aspects of this month encourage us to let go of outdated ideas and ways of thinking to make room for fresh, more creative ones.

Internal career

Even if the crises this month may appear to be external, the effort they have caused is internal. Even the action part suggests interior movement and transformation when our minds and beliefs are thoroughly cleansed.

A crisis is an emotional experience brought on by unexpectedly dramatic events, startling news, or any other circumstance that has become so compelling that you can no longer ignore it.

The only successful way to handle a crisis is to approach it head-on with curiosity, assurance, trust, and humor. Withdrawing into a terrifying state of guilt, humiliation, or rage is the worst thing you can do.

Although this is not an easy month, the outcome of your inner journey could be quite satisfying. Working with the influences rather than against them is the key. Watch your reactions if you encounter a crisis.

Don’t take it personally

Get to neutral as soon as you can, don’t take it personally, but do use it as motivation to make a change. In a crisis, you must be adaptable because your choices might not be what you would normally do. Lean into the situation with curiosity as a proactive strategy to contribute a unique solution or choice.

Although we do not anticipate that this month will be entirely free of crises, this is prevalent energy that requires purposeful action on our part as a society, starting with our inner transformation and growth.

Conflict can lead to crises, thus the more we can overcome our internal issues, the more constructive an impact we can have on others. This month is about accepting accountability for our interactions, our deeds, and our unique crises experiences.

There will also be times of increased intuition, heightened awareness, joyous thanksgiving, and abundant encounters with love, intimacy, and a spiritual connection. Keep in mind such times of growth and beauty and refer to them when you are facing a difficult situation.

Another essential resource this month is balance. It’s crucial to strike a balance between being and doing, thinking and feeling, and obsessive overthinking, overcontrolling, and over-organizing, as well as the potential chaos of a container that is too loose.

Utilize the environment and make an effort to take a break from both inner and exterior manifestations. It is beneficial to communicate spiritual demands while still upholding order. Having a solid regimen that addresses both will be beneficial in any emergency. How the month manifests…