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Similar to what allegedly happened to a California woman in 1974, on which the movie “The Entity” was based, a Nicaraguan singer claims to have spent eight years “possessed” in her bed.

I Married a Dead Man — With a Devil in Bed

Due to her conversion to Christianity through the “Cathedral of His Glory”, a church from which she tells the story of how she defeated the demon that had sexually possessed her for eight years, singer Marbely Blandón left secular musical groups two years ago.

Marbely, who became known as a vocalist in the television series “Energa”, from 1984 to 1989, on the now defunct Channel 6, went on to perform with several musical groups.

Although she is aware that some will not believe her, she consented to give her testimony to EL NUEVO DIARIO because she thinks that sharing her experience may help others to avoid or stop similar attacks.

Her ordeal began one morning when she took her son to the “Socrates Flores” Health Center. There, two individuals dressed in white approached her and started talking to her about a missionary program that would help her get in touch with God.

These two individuals, trained in recruiting followers, belonged to the Moon sect, but Blandón swears that they never addressed her directly and instead focused on the psychological and economic problems she was dealing with.

“Two years ago, my brother Elvis Blandon decided to invite the pastors of the church I now attend to my home after realizing what I was going through. I was thus able to free myself from the suffering and bondage that this energy was causing me,” Blandan reflects.

The Moons duped her

She recalls that the Moons told her that her life would change and that she would find serenity.

She had to sign a document “and they offered me a glass of wine, which I consumed. Unfortunately, I joined that group out of ignorance and, without realizing it, I made a deal with the Devil,” he divulges.

Blandón continues:

“According to research I did later, in that pact I married a dead man without realizing it and by drinking that glass of wine I was celebrating that marriage.”

She also pointed out that the two Chinese women who cheated on her were “who I thought was from the Health Center and that they were vaccinating because they were carrying a thermos”.

The artist states:

“They [the Moon] talk to you nicely, they tell you that God is here and God is there and when they haven’t recorded you well, you must be afraid when people come up to you talking in that dimension.”

Many people, who don’t know the other side of what she lived through because they only know her as a singer in various musical groups, will be scared when they hear about this and some will even think she’s crazy, but Blandón says she trusts that others will benefit from hearing her story.

Her love relationship with a person was destroyed by the force that took over her home and a week later the attacks (by the demonic entity) began in her mother’s house, which is near the bridge of Leon.

With a demon in bed

Blandón states that the first time she suffered the abuse.

She went to bed around 8 p.m. with the TV on and the bedroom lights on, but “within seconds I felt my body go numb, as if I had fallen asleep and then they came to have sex with me, I felt like they were hurting me, hitting my ribs, I couldn’t move and I couldn’t scream.”

Marbely Blandón claims that throughout those agonizing moments, she watched television with the lights in the room turned off. When she felt better, she called her mother to see if she had turned them off, but her mother informed her that she had not. According to the singer, the initial attack was a nightmare.

The next day the same thing happened to her again, but this time she also saw shadows of people who do not exist in the lives of mortals, including a nephew who approached her and sexually horribly assaulted her. She experienced the same incident the next day when the shadow of a deceased cousin appeared to her.

She claims that, although she initially told her mother what was happening, “no one paid any attention to me,” which led her to believe that what she was experiencing was something she had imagined, since, like other artists, she stayed up late and drank alcohol. She began to believe she was losing her mind.

Later, she performed at the Faraón with the group Travesas and the vocalist informed Jaime Hernández, the group’s director, of what had happened.


The artist investigated with a priest and discovered that Marbely Blandón had performed a ritual with the Moon sect. As a result, he handed her a prayer that included the following verse:

“In the name of Jesus, I rebuke you, I cast you out of my life, do not bother me again.”

The “being” attacked Blandón and mocked her after the first time she used the prayer to chase him away. “And the thing is that I had not accepted the Lord, I was always blind, but I believed in the existence of God”, reveals the singer.

Blandón learned from some evangelical pastors that the degree of possession she reached was high; perhaps the readers of my story do not believe it, but those who have had similar experiences do. He emphasized that it is difficult for others to trust him and that “besides, my own family did not believe me.”

Once his mother invited three evangelicals to pray for her in her room, but when they were about to start, laughter and mockery interrupted them, as if to say:

“You are wasting your time.”

There was even wailing on that occasion, which some of the singer’s relatives heard and were startled to hear, according to Blandón.

Today, Blandón recalled, “there were those who asked me if I was churreando (smoking marijuana) and others who said:

‘These are crazy things and inventions of yours, these inventions are driving you crazy”. She stressed that she is sharing this testimony for the glory of the Lord because only he was able to free her from those shackles and torments.

She continued, “It is also a solution for other people who are going through similar problems as I had.”

Marbely Blandón used the pages of END as an opportunity for people in a similar circumstance to know that there is a way out: “turn to the Lord,” because there are churches that preach the Bible.

The last of “El Chamuco”

Despite everything, the force tried to assault Blandón once again after his father’s passing.

The thing reappeared about two months (five months) after my father’s passing, but this time it introduced itself as my father. The being approached me sat on the bed and even helped move it. He hugged me and said, “My daughter,” which made me feel.

Blandón pointed out that it is written that the dead do not resurrect and that “El Chamuco”, or the Devil in evangelical language, is the one who does it taking advantage of particular circumstances.

The singer had expressed her desire to see her father the day before when she felt depressed. She added that when someone prays or invokes the Lord, both the Lord and “the enemy” listen to her.

After the incident, she spoke to the church pastors, who assured her that the Holy Spirit does not need to take on a human appearance, but that the only person who can take on any appearance is “the enemy.”


To deceive you, the (Devil) came with a different method.

He subtly approached and introduced himself as your father and expressed his deep love for you Blandon was informed by the pastors of his church that the Holy Spirit will never express extreme affection for a person because God loves everyone equally.

Therefore, I prayed hard, fasted and asked the Lord to let me see that entity again so I could tell him to stop deceiving me. As a result, the last apparition took place on December 31.

When Marbely Blandon was invited to perform with the Cortez Brothers, she appeared to him in Leon and assured him that she would never abandon him in the name of Jesus. The Lord gave me the strength to grab him by the neck and scream at him:

“Get out of here, I am a daughter of God, in the name of Jesus, get out of my life!”. I had the satisfaction of saying to him, “I know who you are, come what may.”

With information from El Nuevo Diario

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