Effectiveness of Psychics in Police Investigations

Effectiveness of Psychics in Police Investigations, InfoMistico.com

Can psychics solve crimes that baffle the police? Joe Power, a renowned psychic, claims to have helped in complex homicide cases. Discover how his paranormal abilities could change the way police investigations are conducted. Do psychics really work in criminal investigations?

Psychics in Criminal Investigations: Real Help or Myth?

Joe Power, a well-known psychic, has collaborated with various police forces in the UK on complex cases. When asked if he has assisted the police in homicide investigations, he responds without hesitation: “Without a doubt.”

The Metropolitan and Merseyside police forces gave vague responses when asked about their collaboration with Joe. Merseyside stated that they could neither confirm nor deny if they acted on information provided by him. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police in London commented: “We appreciate any information from people who believe they can help. We are not aware of investigations that have progressed solely on data provided by a psychic.”

The Controversial Collaboration Between Police and Psychics

The Joe Power Case and the Metropolitan Police

After speaking with several psychics, BBC journalists contacted different police bodies. Most responses were evasive. However, it is evident that some officers have acted on information from individuals claiming to have paranormal abilities.

It was revealed that the Dyfed Powys police spent about $30,000 on a homicide investigation based on details provided by a psychic. This Welsh police force faced criticism for investing public funds in such investigations.

Joe Power maintains that the Metropolitan Police contacted him seeking his collaboration in a high-profile homicide case. “I received a message from the police asking for my help,” says Joe Power. “I provided information from the victim and beyond. I am sure they acted on my information.”

Initially, the Metropolitan Police denied that Joe had any role in the case. The BBC obtained an email that, according to Power, was sent by an officer involved in the case to his partner. In it, the officer asks: “Can Joe or the victim give clues to narrow our search area?” He also questions Joe about the perpetrator’s vehicle: “Is it a car or a bike? Can the victim be more specific about what happened at 2:10?”

When the police were questioned again about Joe Power’s involvement, the Metropolitan Police issued a statement endorsed by a senior investigator. The document states: “We do not identify those who may contact us regarding investigations. We will not comment further on this matter.”

Former Scotland Yard Member and Specialist Debate

Can Psychics Help in Official Investigations?

Keith Charles, a former Scotland Yard member and now a psychic, comments that this reaction does not surprise him. He asserts: “Many officers are skeptical. Some psychics make false claims. But in the end, what matters is whether the information helps in the investigation.”

Dr. Ciaran O’Keeffe, from the University of Derby, who has investigated psychics for a decade, argues that there is no scientific evidence that these detectives provide valid information. He recommends: “Psychics should refrain from offering information to the police.” According to O’Keeffe, by doing so, psychics divert funds and resources away from legitimate investigations.

It’s not just the British police that avoid the paranormal topic. In 2007, it was revealed that the Ministry of Defence spent around $30,000 on tests to determine if psychic abilities could detect hidden objects.

The US military also investigated this area with the Stargate Project, examining whether “remote viewing” could have military applications. Some claim that US authorities used this technique in the search for Osama bin Laden.

Angela McGhee and the Controversy

Do Psychics Play a Role in UK Investigations?

Angela McGhee has provided information for the ongoing investigation of a homicide case. The West Midlands Police confirmed to the BBC that they interviewed Angela McGhee, just like anyone else who provided details about a crime. However, she did not present any unknown evidence to the investigative team.

Angela denies the idea that it was just a protocol visit. “They told me I was providing information that only someone involved would know, that I had offered forensic details.”

Although UK police forces neither confirm nor deny the use of psychics in major investigations, it is difficult to determine how common this practice is.

Joe Power is convinced that he and others will continue to play a role in solving crimes. “I predict that in the coming decades, people like me will locate bodies. The psychic field is advancing rapidly and the accuracy of information is constantly improving,” he says.

This article has been re-edited from its original source on BBC Mundo