Horoscopes Month Sagittarius

Horoscopes Month Sagittarius, InfoMistico.com

Sign of Capricorn

The next season is Capricorn. There is usually a period of introspection, reflection and cleansing just before the Sun enters your sign. At the same time, you may find that you are finishing tasks or projects that you started on your own.

There is a desire to conclude so that you can unwind before the start of your zodiac season. Since late October, Mars has been retrograde and we have also been using the energy of the eclipse.

Your energy levels have been severely depleted and you may now be feeling drained or lethargic as a result. Making time to rest under the Sagittarius Sun will be especially important if you identify with this.

On November 23 there will be a New Moon in Sagittarius, which is a good time to start tackling your to-do list and assigning it to others. Narrow your focus and pay attention only to what is necessary to set your priorities.

To determine if your thoughts are draining and exhausting you, you should check your mental health. Spend time journaling or meditating if you haven’t already; the more time you invest in these activities, the more focused and effective you will be.

The Sun and Antares, the Royal Star, align as we enter December. The energy between our heart and mind is governed by Antares. Directing us to activate and lead with our heart or mind more, helps bring balance to these areas.

You will have an inkling as to which area needs to be balanced. This pathway connecting the heart and mind can also be seen as a river of energy that requires care and nurturing.

Imagine a channel of white light flowing between your heart and mind. Watch as this channel grows stronger, more evenly distributed and balanced over time. You can maximize the power of this enchanting Antares energy by using this simple visualization along with setting some intention.

For reference, the period between December 2 and December 4 will see the most energy. The Gemini Full Moon will rise high in the night sky on December 7 after that.

Although the energy of this Full Moon is not as intense as that of the Full Moon Eclipse a month ago, it is still erratic and agitated. Mars, which is very active during this Full Moon and is retrograde, will be emphasizing all of its characteristics.

Care must be taken to look before you leap and not rush in with Mars prominent under the Full Moon. On the other hand, we will notice that we become easily agitated or angry. Don’t try to suppress your anger because it is a legitimate emotion.

Accept what it is trying to reveal to you, or at least give yourself permission to feel it and let it pass. On the inner plane, we experience this erratic energy of the Full Moon, but it also manifests on the outer plane.

While unexpected events or information may startle us, try to remain calm and remember that everything passes in time. After this Full Moon, the Sun will align with the Galactic Center, the center of our Galaxy, which will be a welcome relief.

From December 18-20, the expansive and abundant energy residing at the Galactic Center moves to Earth. Use this time to focus on what you want to attract into your life and be open to receiving.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to begin preparing for your subsequent journey around the Sun, just in time for the birthday season to begin!

Sign of Aquarius

As of early 2020, Saturn is transiting your sign. Life can seem a little difficult when Saturn pays a visit.

There is no escaping our karma because Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma. Saturn is a strict teacher who wants to make sure you’ve done your job, accepted responsibility for your life and are going in the right direction.

Saturn’s lessons can be difficult, but they can also be extremely rewarding. Usually, we reach a new level of success in our lives in some way once we have finished working through whatever karmic lessons Saturn has in store for us.

The good news is that Saturn is getting ready to leave your sign, even if it’s too early to know what gifts and successes await you just yet. Saturn will move on to its next victim in March 2023 and won’t be in your sign again for another 28 years.

Saturn visits you so infrequently, as you can see, that it needs to leave a lasting impression. Recognize that everything that has come your way since 2020 has been a tremendous opportunity to heal past traumas and align yourself more fully with who you are.

It will be easier to look back and appreciate the journey you’ve been on once Saturn departs in March. On November 23, the Sagittarius New Moon brings a surge of new energy and may even encourage you to look back on your journey with a little more fondness.

The feeling of stagnant energy that might be stuck in your body could also be helped to flow outward by this new energy. Take in some of this New Moon energy if you’re feeling a little heavy or overwhelmed. Feel how it infuses your body and your stomach with new ideas and perspectives.

Thinking about your year-end priorities at this New Moon is a wonderful idea. Before the year is out, you may need to get your priorities in order or abandon projects that seem impossible to finish. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it or contact your neighborhood.

Aquarians can also make their focus under this New Moon if they need a stronger community because the community is very important to you. Make an effort to join a group or get in touch with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

While virtual meetings are still valuable, it seems more crucial than ever to make those connections in person as well. In December, the Gemini Full Moon will have a prickly effect on us. It will peak on December 7 and its energy will be erratic and difficult to manage.

We will find that we need to be on guard, set boundaries and defend ourselves. News circulating at this time will be shocking or challenging, as this Full Moon seems to trigger global events as well.

Instead of getting caught up in the media cycle or the displacement of doom, try to keep your attention on areas where you can benefit others the most.

Or, if you really can’t do anything to help, focus on keeping your composure! Surely, the world needs more of that energy. At the close of the season, the Sun aligns with the Galactic Center.

This is considered to be the galactic center and a source of powerful, expansive and exceptionally creative energy. From December 18-20, let these rays in allowing your heart to be open to receive.

Speaking of receiving, the alignment of the Sun with Antares, the Royal Star, December 2-4, offers wonderful heart energy. Also, you should use this energy to open your heart chakra and feel more of the love that you truly are.

Sign of Pisces

With the arrival of the Sagittarius season, Jupiter, the planet of growth, abundance and opportunity, goes directly into your sign. Jupiter has been traveling through Pisces since May 2021, but it’s about to leave and won’t return for another 12 years.

Jupiter is said to make you the lucky one if it’s in your zodiac sign! I hope you’ve been able to take advantage of some of this lucky energy! If not, be aware that you still have time!

Use the next few weeks to access this energy of abundance and expansion because Jupiter won’t leave Pisces until December 20, 2022.

Recognize your worthwhile allowing yourself to be open to receiving the gifts of the universe! There is a definition of luck by Deepak Chopra that I think is quite appropriate. According to him, luck is simply the result of opportunity meeting readiness.

When the right opportunity presents itself while we are prepared, we attract that opportunity like a magnet. It is not always easy to find occasions, but we can focus on preparing. How can you prepare for the life you want?

Any action you take will be amplified and enhanced and have additional support from the Universe, especially if Jupiter is on your side. Consequently, maximize this energy!

If you’ve been striving, this latest transit of Jupiter through Pisces may even help you seize an opportunity or experience greater abundance.

You’ll find that your efforts have finally paid off. The Sagittarius New Moon occurs on the same day that Jupiter goes direct. This all takes place on November 23, so it’s a really powerful day to meditate, set some intentions and plant some seeds for the future.

At the same time, the alignment of the Sun with Antares, the Royal Star, between December 2 and December 4, opens a portal for high-frequency energy. Souls, on their way home after leaving their physical bodies, are said to rest in Antares.

This star is also associated with the heart and can facilitate emotional access.

The musical energy of Antares is perceived more intensely than most people because you are a sensitive and very intuitive sign. This energy will support you if you need to deal with some emotions or if you want to connect with more of the love that you are.

On December 3, in your sign, Neptune, your ruling planet, also stations direct at this time. The planet of illusions, spirituality and unwavering love is Neptune.

On this day, we may discover something with greater clarity or feel closer to our spiritual selves. This energy can be especially helpful if you work in the arts, but it is also useful for manifestation work. The volatile Full Moon in Gemini occurs on December 7.

While it won’t be as difficult as last month’s Blood Moon Eclipse, it could trigger some uncomfortable or contentious situations or conflicts that need to be resolved.

Surely we can assume that whatever comes up needs to be let go because Full Moons are typically times of release.

Instead of repressing strong emotions as a means of letting them go, allow yourself to feel them fully and let them pass through you; this will make the release more organic and natural.

You can’t get rid of them by pretending they don’t exist. The Sun will align with the Galactic Center as the Sagittarius season draws to a close, providing us with more abundant energies to work with.

This energy can motivate us to solve the mysteries of our own lives or to delve deeper into our psyche because the Galactic Center holds many of the mysteries of the universe. From December 18-20, when the Galactic Center energy will be most active, see what it motivates you to do!

With information from Tanaaz for foreverconscious.com