Horoscopes Month Sagittarius

Horoscopes Month Sagittarius, InfoMistico.com

Sign of Aries

Jupiter has prepared to enter your sign, where it will remain for the next few months. Jupiter is the planet of growth, abundance and golden opportunities.

Jupiter didn’t enter your zodiac until December 20, 2022, so you could only taste this energy from May 10 through October 28, 2022.

The cosmos is preparing you for this once-in-12-years opportunity – you are receiving some of the best energies to expand your life, create opportunities for yourself and attract abundance when Jupiter is in your zodiac sign!

You should use this energy effectively, but in the meantime, you should prioritize rest, self-care and clearing out the clutter. The Blood Moon Eclipse of November 8 may have triggered the need for this cleanup.

Getting organized, managing your affairs and getting things in order is what you should focus on during the Sagittarius season. Take advantage of this time of year to finish any unfinished business and bring closure to any open issues.

Employ the Sagittarius New Moon on November 23 to help with any clarifications because it’s a great opportunity to bring new energy into your life.

This New Moon could also make you feel the need to express your true feelings to a close friend or family member. You must confront your own emotions before having this discussion. You will not be able to effectively communicate your message until your heart is clear.

Although this is a wonderful quality in you, do not use your fierce independence and warrior spirit as a facade or a barrier to developing closer, more personal relationships with those close to you. Alternatively, you might find that this New Moon inspires a creative flow.

Since Sagittarius is a fire sign, your inner fire will be rekindled. Use it to inspire your creativity, follow your passions and pay attention to what makes you happy. The end of the year is always busy, so take time to focus on your artistic expression; you will benefit from this.

Since late October, Mars, your ruling planet, has been in retrograde motion and you may experience its effects more intensely than most people. Mars retrograde can cause some sluggishness.

Sometimes we feel as if we have to take two steps back for every step forward. Re-evaluating our motivations and behaviors is important during Mars retrograde.

We may find it difficult to decide what to do or to be sure of the actions we want to take during this phase of reevaluation. The December Full Moon may shed some light even though Mars’s retrograde will not end until the new year.

Because of how active Mars is during this December 7 Gemini Full Moon, you may receive new information or insights that will help you make decisions or give you a sense of greater clarity. Tensions may be high at this time because this Full Moon is a bit volatile.

Keep your composure and put in some mindfulness practice. It’s okay to be angry or frustrated, so be that! These are legitimate human emotions that one may feel occasionally with good reason.

Allowing yourself, to sit and process the emotion will help you get rid of the anger you may be experiencing.

Doing this is much healthier than suppressing or denying your feelings. The Sun will be aligned with the Galactic Center from December 18-20, as we approach the end of the Sagittarius season.

The center of our galaxy, the Galactic Center, makes us feel closer to the cosmos and our stellar beginnings when the Sun moves through this region.

When the Sun aligns with one of the Royal Stars, Antares, from December 2-4, we also experience pleasant galactic energies. The resting place for souls after leaving this world is known as Antares.

According to legend, the Sun’s arrival here refines the veil and serves to remind us of our spiritual journey. Another statement about Antares is that it allows us to connect with our emotions and achieve a balance between our emotional and mental states.

Working with galactic energies requires some effort because they are always subtle.

The good news is that sometimes it is enough to be aware of them and make resolutions to work with the energy. Pay close attention to how your feelings are affecting your thoughts and vice versa as you go through the Antares Stargate.

Pay attention to what you want to open and what opportunities you want to expand under the energies of the Galactic Center. When Jupiter enters your zodiac zone, doing so will also help you be ready for it.

Great opportunities are coming! So, be patient, organize your life and get ready for the new doors that are about to open.

Sign of Taurus

You’ve received a lot of cosmic energies, Taurus. However, you may already know this. This year, in addition to eclipses in your sign, Uranus, the planet of awakening, change and freedom, was also in your natal horoscope.

Feelings of instability, restlessness and uncertainty are influenced by the sum of all this energy. In this sense, you feel the need to make significant changes, or perhaps they have already occurred – welcome or not!

Since Uranus will not leave Taurus until 2026, your evolution is likely to be somewhat gradual. By the time Uranus is over, it will have helped you discover more freedom, become aware of a deeper truth and help you make the necessary adjustments.

Although it all sounds good, the procedure can be unsettling. The situation is difficult for you because you are an earth sign, but you will get through it. Eclipses will still occur on the zodiacal axis in 2023, but they will be much milder than those that occurred in 2022.

The 2023 eclipses will have more to do with chance and new beginnings, so they are events to look forward to. It is crucial to focus on how to be as relaxed as possible during the Sagittarius season, because of all the energy of change and influx in the air.

Change always brings with it a frenetic energy, but when you relax, accept and allow it to be a part of your life, to channel this energy you need to be more grounded and manageable. When all else fails, practicing deep breathing and being outdoors is also beneficial.

On November 23, the New Moon in Sagittarius will activate Venus, your ruling planet. Your zodiac sign has recently been a favorite of the Universe because Venus has been so active in the cosmos. This Venusian energy has guided you to focus on your courage and your values.

During this New Moon, you will have some important decisions to make regarding your finances or a romantic relationship. Remember your values and what is truly relevant to you so that you can make the best possible choice. Consider whether your choice is consistent with your values.

This New Moon energy will also help dissipate some of the Eclipse energy you’ve been dealing with, providing much-needed relief and the opportunity for a different point of view.

In my opinion, you can always anticipate this New Moon. As December approaches, the Sun aligns with Antares, the Royal Star, opening a Stargate.

Between December 2 and December 4, we will find this energy to connect with our emotions and balance our mental state. We will also focus on the relationship between our feelings and thoughts, which will allow us to better understand and strengthen the heart-mind connection.

It will be easier to feel in touch with our soul nature or closer to our deceased loved ones, as Antares is believed to be the final resting place of souls after leaving Earth. The Sun also aligns with the Galactic Center in December, maintaining galactic energy.

From December 18-20, this energy is one of opportunity and expansion. You will need to use this galactic energy to recharge your batteries despite how exciting it is. Don’t try to take on too much or overload your schedule; instead, be kind to yourself.

On December 7 there will be a full moon that is likely to be explosive and cause some exalted feelings in the atmosphere.

Focus on keeping peace in your heart and avoid getting carried away by the world around you, because the energy surrounding this Full Moon can be challenging. In reality, the Sagittarius season is a time to rest, relax and have faith in your future course.

Sign Gemini

Because Sagittarius is positioned in front of you on the zodiac wheel, this season will always have a special meaning for you. Your relationships and the energy of giving and receiving in your life will be marked by this season of the zodiac.

On December 7 there will be a Full Moon in Gemini which, despite having erratic energy, will be one of the major events of the season for you. The Full Moon in your Sun sign is believed to function as a key that helps you access the deeper wisdom stored in your pineal gland.

According to popular belief, the pineal gland is the home of the soul and the womb of consciousness and intuition. Awakenings, “ah-a” moments and messages from your Higher Self, intuition and guides can be triggered by the Full Moon occurring in your sign.

Set an intention for guidance during this Full Moon because your intuition will be ready to respond.

In late October, Mars began its retrograde motion in Gemini, which will last until January 12, 2023. Mars will not be ready to leave your sign of Gemini until March 2023, even then. Take advantage of this energy because Mars is in a zodiac sign for an incredibly long time.

It’s a great idea to think about your decisions and motivations while Mars is retrograde. They still fit with who you want to be, don’t they? Are you driven more by ego, fear, or your heart? Under this energy, reflection on these issues is very effective.

During Mars retrograde, it’s also a good idea to take up old hobbies and projects. Although it may be tempting to start something new, Mars retrograde advises moving slowly, acting deliberately and being deliberate in your intentions.

Rushing or taking on too much is not recommended because it could cause health problems or burnout. Your health and feelings of resilience may also come into focus while Mars is retrograde in your sign.

This energy also allows for issues related to reproduction or sexuality to arise.

Instead of being afraid of this energy, use it to motivate you to make thoughtful decisions about your health and well-being. Keep in mind that Mars is closely related to your motivations, so consider what is important to you and organize your life to reflect that.

The Sagittarius New Moon on November 23 will act as a compass for you in this. Our values are at the forefront of this New Moon, particularly when it comes to love. This includes our love for ourselves, as well as our love for others.

Do you truly love yourself enough to allow yourself to have what you want? Around the time of this New Moon, you may experience this type of questioning and feel the energy of giving and receiving in action.

This New Moon also marks the end of the Blood Moon Eclipse that occurred during the Scorpio Season, so if that Eclipse stirred up any issues for you, this New Moon may offer a new perspective on the situation.

This New Moon bodes well and is a silver lining if you’re dealing with relationship issues. The Sun aligns with the Galactic Center after the Sagittarius season.

In this case, which takes place December 18-20, use high-frequency energy to increase the size of your soul energy.

Spend some time in meditation concentrating on the growth of your being, your mind, your heart and ultimately your soul. With the help of this energy, you will access deeper wisdom and discover new aspects of who you are.

Alternatively, you may find that you are the one guiding this type of meditation for someone else in your life. Overall, this is a busy time for you and you will find it difficult to refocus on what is important during this busy period…