Horoscopes Month Sagittarius

Horoscopes Month Sagittarius, InfoMistico.com

Sign of Libra

Do you have a story to tell? Do you possess some knowledge or wisdom that could benefit or even inspire others? As Sagittarius season progresses, you might begin to consider ways to tell your story, teach others about a subject you’re passionate about, or educate others.

It seems that self-expression is a theme for you, but you may need to connect with your deeper self before you can express what you feel.

Although this is a lifelong journey, recent eclipses may have made you feel the need to dig deep and unearth some subconscious patterns or shadow behaviors.

Thanks to the power of the Sagittarius New Moon, whatever has come to light is now ready to be transformed.

And that’s because this New Moon, which peaks on November 23, has the potential to offer new perspectives, new inspirations and a wiser and perhaps more mature way of looking at things.

You should feel at peace with a problem or simply feel more accepting of what you have discovered hidden in the shadows. Welcoming the energy of this New Moon into your life will help you discover how it inspires you to share a deeper aspect of who you are.

This New Moon truly feels like a breath of fresh air.

You might even find that getting in touch with this deeper aspect of yourself allows you to build deeper connections, particularly with your family. The Sun will align with Antares, the Royal Star, as December progresses.

Each of the four Royal Stars is believed to open a Stargate or high-frequency energetic portal. Antares is said to be the resting place for souls before they leave their physical bodies and return home.

Antares energy is one of the most important energies in the world and is also said to awaken our feelings, helping us to find a better balance between the heart and mind.

Use this energy to remember who you are and to re-establish contact with your soul. All of your life experiences and what makes you human are nothing more than a journey and an adventure. Find a way to respect this.

We begin to experience the effects of the Gemini Full Moon as soon as this beautiful portal closes.

The effects of this Full Moon, which peaks on December 7, have volatile and erratic energy. This may be something we observe in the environment or feel in our bodies. Setting boundaries and conserving your energy will be essential during this Full Moon.

As a Libra, you often speak out against injustice and protest for what you truly believe in. Although this is a crucial aspect of who you are, if you have been doing too much or have not been listening to your body, you may experience burnout and need a break.

Being a bit angry, this Full Moon should be treated with gentleness. You still have more sweet cosmic energies to absorb as the Sun completes its journey through Sagittarius station, so don’t worry.

The Sun will align with the Galactic Center between December 18 and 20, sending rays of abundant energy your way. Stay open to receiving all the abundance the Universe has to offer because you deserve it!

Sign of Scorpio

You will require rest after all the extra energy that has been directed at you since the Sun just left your zodiac zone.

If you didn’t get a chance to celebrate all that you’ve been through during your birthday season, aim to do so in Sagittarius season because you’ve had a busy year with many cosmic events affecting your sign.

Plan a get-together, invite your friends, have a date with yourself, or just order your favorite dessert and enjoy it while watching a movie.

Find a way to acknowledge and celebrate your journey, including all the ups and downs. You are who you are now because of them. On November 23, just after the Sun has left your zodiac sign, the Sagittarius New Moon occurs.

Your relationships are activated by this New Moon, an area that has recently expanded. If this issue has arisen, know that you are not alone. A great deal of powerful relationship energy has been produced in the cosmic heavens.

This New Moon urges you to be honest with yourself about your feelings so you can express them to the people you care about. It is easier to communicate and tell others what we need from them once we are honest about how we feel.

Take advantage of the energy of the New Moon to recognize your needs and desires for the future and act accordingly. Find the grace to move on and let go if a relationship has served its purpose because the universe has likely already made this point clear to you.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, turns direct on the day of the New Moon after having been in retrograde motion since July. However, Jupiter helps to broaden things so we can see the big picture.

See if you can broaden your perspective on anything that comes up during this New Moon.

Try to broaden your perspective to get a better idea of what the big picture might look like. You never know what will come up, you might surprise yourself! Neptune stations direct as you enter December, which can help hone our intuition.

Alert to messages from the Universe and your Higher Self in the early days of December. On December 7, the Full Moon in Gemini reaches its highest point.

This Full Moon is volatile and brings with it hot energy. You will be experiencing strong emotions or just feeling restless or uncomfortable because of something.

Although this Full Moon is highly charged, it also allows us to connect with our passions and discover what drives us. Are we driven by love or fear?

The Sun will align with the Galactic Center as the Season comes to an end, an annual event that can help us access the energies of growth and abundance.

Expand your knowledge, wisdom and self-perception using this energy. Find new perspectives and expand the boundaries of your thinking. Use this energy while it is at its peak from December 18-20.

Sign of Sagittarius

Congratulations on your birthday and greetings in your season! This time of year, the Sun shines directly in your direction.

No matter what the season brings, may you always feel the Sun’s gentle rays by your side, cheering you on as you journey through life! We see the New Moon peaking on November 23, as the Sagittarius Season gets underway.

The opportunity to plant a new seed in your life is yours during this New Moon. The timing of this New Moon is perfect for accomplishing whatever you want to manifest or create for yourself. Generate in yourself and your ability to draw a full life; your ability to manifest and create will be high.

Think about what makes you happy, what excites you and how you want to spend your time if you need inspiration. Draw on the energies of the New Moon for inspiration to start making a list of all the things you can do right now to make this happen.

Any action you take while the New Moon is in your sign will be amplified by its energies.

The energy will be amplified even more for you if your birthday is within 3 or 4 days of this New Moon, not just for the next few days but for the whole year ahead! The year ahead will be full of new opportunities and new beginnings if your birthday is near the New Moon.

The fixed star Antares intersects the Sun as we move through the season. Antares, one of the four Royal Stars, is believed to be the location of a sacred Stargate. When souls leave their physical bodies and head to their true homes, Antares is said to serve as a resting place.

Antares can also stimulate the relationship between our heart and mind, helping to better balance the two. Do we need to lead with our head or our heart more often?

We can also use the period of high vibration created by the Sun crossing Antares to work on our soul development and travel to higher realms in search of wisdom.

Pay close attention to the signs and signals that the Universe and your Higher Self are leaving you at this time. For reference, the portal will be busiest from December 2-4.

Neptune, the planet of illusion, spirituality and unwavering love, goes direct during this window of time after having been in retrograde motion for a while.

The first few days of December could be incredibly enlightening and highly sensitive as a result of this. In addition, you could find that things that previously felt confusing or unclear begin to make sense.

Neptune’s direct station can also help you refocus on what resonates with your soul if you’ve been feeling sidetracked or like life has been pulling you in numerous directions.

This direct Neptune station can also help you refocus on what resonates with your soul if you’ve been feeling sidetracked or as if life has been pulling you in numerous directions.

On the other hand, on December 7, the Gemini Full Moon has erratic energy because Mars is nearby. The way things are going could leave you feeling uncomfortable or frustrated and emotions could be running high.

Permit yourself to feel whatever want to surface because all emotions are valid.

Twins are a representation of Gemini, which means there are always two sides to every story and two perspectives in any situation. Know that the year ahead will be one of culmination and completion if your birthday is near the Full Moon.

The Sun is preparing to cross the Galactic Center, which is, as the name implies, the center of our Galaxy, as the stresses of this Full Moon begin to subside. All of these energies are available to you because the Galactic Center is believed to bring about expansion, awakening and abundance.

From December 18-20, as the Sun crosses this point, feel into them. You will be well on your way as you travel around the Sun as the Season comes to an end…