Monthly Horoscope for Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo,

From July 22 to August 22, 2023, the celestial lion’s vibrant roar infuses the night sky, marking the onset of Leo season. This fascinating astrological period invites us on a journey inward, where we reconnect with our own radiant spark, symbolized by the Sun.

Leo Season 2023: Illuminate Your Inner Passion

During Leo season, we are encouraged to reignite our passions, finding delight in life’s multifaceted offerings. The retrograde motion of various planets and the activation of the 88th Lion Portal amplify this season of introspection and renewal, adding a remarkable depth to the experience.

This Leo season, running from July 22 through August 22, 2023, is akin to a personal rendezvous with the Sun—a celestial symbol of our unique inner spark. This divine ember within us stokes our passion, purpose and joy.

We are summoned to fan the flames of our intrinsic desires by recalling what truly fuels our excitement and happiness. This season may attract you to new hobbies, enlightening readings or unique experiences that invigorate your soul and reinvigorate your love for life.

The significance of this period escalates as a higher number of planets enter retrograde. Under the influence of potent retrograde energy, we are urged to reflect on our past, revisit unresolved issues and re-evaluate certain aspects of our lives.

During the 2023 Leo season, Venus and Chiron will station retrograde and Mercury will decelerate in preparation for its retrograde phase commencing on the 23rd. In fact, by the time Leo season draws to a close, six major cosmic bodies will be in retrograde.

Of the group, Venus in retrograde will command the most attention. As the planet governs love and relationships and considering Leo’s dominion over the heart, this celestial event may facilitate significant heart-centered healing.

As August approaches, the Leo season heralds the activation of the 88th Lion Portal, a powerful cosmic gateway intertwining with Leo’s energy and the star Sirius.

Now, let’s delve into the distinct impacts the Leo season might have on each zodiac sign. Remember, you can consult the forecast for both your sun sign and rising sign.

Aries Sign

As the sun enters the vibrant, energetic realm of Leo, it’s akin to a sunrise for you, Aries. This period is your golden opportunity to present your innovative ideas to the world. However, the powerful sway of the retrograde planets might make it seem like you’re battling the current to complete your tasks.

It may be necessary to revisit issues that you thought were settled, adding the final touches that will elevate them to a higher plane. When it comes to matters of the heart, the Venus retrograde period may prompt past relationships to resurface in your life, leading you to contemplate whether you wish to tread that path once more.

Simultaneously, the North Node in your sign heralds the next 18 months as a period of growth, akin to a snake shedding its skin to reveal a new one. The Aquarius Full Moon on August 1 is set to be a time of sociability and happiness for you, followed by the spiritually enlightening Lionsgate Portal on August 8.

Finally, the New Moon in Leo on August 16 will focus your attention on relationship issues, inviting profound emotional healing.

Taurus Sign

As the Sun enters Leo, Venus, your ruling planet, embarks on its retrograde journey. This Venus retrograde phase, extending till September, heralds a time of emotional healing and re-prioritization for you.

Being a Taurus, you have a unique sensitivity to the movements of Venus, hence you’ll experience this stage intensely. During the Leo cycle, the temptation to overspend in pursuit of your desires may be strong. It’s crucial to maintain balance and not exceed your financial boundaries.

Come August 1, the Full Moon in Aquarius might bring encouraging news on the career front. Subsequently, the Lionsgate Portal on August 8, followed by the New Moon in Leo on August 16, will amplify the energies of the Venus retrograde. This will provide the clarity you need about the emotional healing process that lies ahead.

Gemini Sign

Leo season and Venus’s retrograde commence on the same day, heralding a time of emotional healing and deepening of relationships. For you, Gemini, this work will primarily manifest in how you choose to communicate in your relationships.

You might find yourself engaging in uncomfortable conversations with close individuals. August 1st’s Full Moon in Aquarius could be an excellent time to travel, explore or broaden your mind with a good book.

The New Moon in Leo on August 16 will bring new realizations about a specific relationship or dynamic. During this season, communication will be key, both externally and internally, which you can practice through therapy or writing.

At the end of Leo season, your ruling planet, Mercury, also goes retrograde, guiding you to seek messages and intuitions that you might have overlooked the first time around. In summary, communication will be a significant theme for you during this period.

Cancer Sign

Even though the Sun has just left your zodiac zone, you are likely to still feel the warmth of its rays. The transit of the king star lights up your path, offering you greater clarity about the future. You may gain new perspectives on how the rest of the year will unfold and what aspects you want to prioritize.

On July 22, Venus goes retrograde and becomes the focal point of Leo Season. This cosmic event can stir up emotions, activating healings and awakenings of the heart.

As a sensitive water sign, you’re likely to feel these vibrations, especially during the first few weeks of Leo Season. Throughout August, the full moon in Aquarius on the 1st and the connection with the Lionsgate portal on the 8th will bring rejuvenating energies and the opportunity to deepen your connection with the divine.

Leo Sign

Happy Birthday and Welcome to your Season! The Sun shines brightly in your corner, filling you with energy and recharging you. The Sun’s entry into Leo marks a rebirth for you, encouraging you to start anew and focus on yourself.

During this time, it’s especially beneficial to dedicate time to self-care and self-love. Venus, which goes retrograde on the same day the Sun enters your sign, will amplify these heart-centered feelings.

As August progresses, significant celestial events await you, such as the full moon in Aquarius on the 1st and the peak of the Lionsgate portal on the 8th. The latter offers you the chance to experience a spiritual breakthrough and the new moon in Leo on the 16th will add intensity to these energies…