Honor Perfect Love: Petals and Spice Ritual

Honor Perfect Love: Petals and Spice Ritual, InfoMistico.com

Through this beautiful ceremony, you will seek to stabilize your inner energy and release your emotional blockages thus opening the channels to the universe to receive and give love. To achieve this it is important that you follow this Valentine’s Day ritual, which requires the following ingredients…

Honor Valentine’s Day with a Petal and Spice Ritual to Attract Love

  • A red carnation, symbolizing emotions and the power to purify feelings of sadness and loneliness.
  • Three geranium leaves, to consolidate and consecrate with its perfume all the energy of your life.
  • Cinnamon powder, activates sensuality with its sweet aroma.
  • A red candle to bless passion, intimacy and inner integration with your partner.
  • A glass container with a lid, filled with your favorite personal perfume.

Through this ritual you will honor love and connect with your true feelings on a night as special as Valentine’s Day.

Love Attraction Ritual: How to Use Flowers and Spices to Manifest Love

Begin by lighting the red candle and connecting with the power of life. Then, with your hands, cut small pieces of the red carnation petals and crumble the geranium leaves and place them in a glass jar along with your favorite perfume.

As you fill the bottle with the petals reflect on the people who have been a part of your life and be grateful for the experiences and teachings you have shared with them.

Add the cinnamon powder to sweeten and attract all the energy of love that the universe has for you. Finally close the jar tightly and bring it to the level of your solar plexus while reciting the following blessing:

Through this flower, these leaves and these spices which I offer to love, you will come to me like bees to honey and never go away.

Shake the perfume well and apply it to your wrists, chin, forehead, and intimate areas with your index and ring fingers. Finish by drawing a large heart around yourself to activate a powerful force.

Use in the morning and evening, especially on the day you meet that special someone. Remember to create positive and energetic thoughts to attract and bring love.

Overcoming Negative Self Talk: A Guide to Manifesting Your Desires

Sometimes we get stuck in the role of victim, repeating negative messages such as “I never meet anyone”, “I’m unlucky in love”, “I’m lonely” or “My partner doesn’t pay attention to me.

Is important to avoid these messages and to remember that we have the power to flow in harmony so that the Universe grants us our desires.

This powerful ceremony can help you attract true love. You will work your consciousness for the Law of Attraction and focus on attracting your perfect partner. Remember that you have the power to create your own reality.