Having Sanpaku Eyes

Having Sanpaku Eyes, InfoMistico.com

The meaning of ‘sanpaku’, a Japanese word that describes a condition of the human body in which the white of the eye is visible bordering the iris on three sides when looking directly ahead, has been known since time immemorial in the East.

Sanpaku: Meaning, symptoms and how to address this condition of physical and spiritual imbalance

This sign reveals a state of serious physical and spiritual imbalance, in which the individual is not in harmony with themselves or with the natural forces of the universe.

Having ‘sanpaku’ eyes is indicative of a worrying condition that is taking alarming proportions all over the world. Those who have this condition may experience manifestations such as chronic fatigue, low sexual vitality, weak instinctive reactions, bad mood, inability to sleep deeply, inaccuracy in thinking and action, among other symptoms of lack of physical and mental balance.

This condition not only affects physical health, but also spiritual health, as it is considered that the ‘sanpaku’ individual is not in tune with the natural forces of the universe. Therefore, they become susceptible to all kinds of diseases and accidents. It is important to recognize and address this condition to restore balance and harmony in the body and improve overall quality of life.

Three whites in the eyeball

Clear signs of mental fatigue and lack of intuition and coordination. According to Oriental tradition, pronounced Sanpaku is an imminent indication of tragedy in the life of its bearer. Two notorious examples of this are Charles Manson and Marilyn Monroe. Manson shows whites above the iris, while Marilyn shows whites below.

Having Sanpaku Eyes, InfoMistico.com

Lower Sanpaku: Causes, symptoms, and consequences of abnormal eye size increase

Too much yin – (lower sanpaku)

Abnormal increase in eye size often results in the presence of lower sanpaku, indicative of a decrease in physical and mental metabolism.

This phenomenon of lower sanpaku has become more common in society today due to excessive consumption of yin foods, although there are also cases in which it occurs due to excessive consumption of excessively yang foods, such as salt.

This abnormal state also suggests an expansion of the brain’s nerve cells, which can lead to abnormal thoughts and behavior, with possible fatal consequences.

People who have lower sanpaku often experience fatigue, lack of vitality and energy, diarrhea, memory loss, depression, lack of concentration, tendency towards accidents, doubts, the need for warm and sunny climates, hypersensitivity, and a tendency to blame others for everything that happens to them.

Those who commit crimes, betrayals, are subjected to suspicions, misunderstandings, attacks, or murder often suffer from this state of lower sanpaku.

Upper sanpaku: Signs of abnormal behavior and its possible implications on physical and mental health

Too much yang – (upper sanpaku)

Contracted eyeballs, known as upper sanpaku, are a normal condition in babies and children. However, if this state persists beyond early childhood or appears at a later stage, it can be indicative of abnormal mentality and behavior including aggression, violence, and uncontrolled passions.

People who exhibit prolonged upper sanpaku can show symptoms such as hyperactivity, a tendency to overeat and consume sweet foods, irritability, aggression, extreme introversion or extroversion, fixed ideas, and an unwillingness to listen to others. They tend to control those around them, shout and show aggression, and may exhibit excessive attachment to material possessions and the past.

They may have high standards for themselves and others, be overly critical, and seek perfection in everything. It is important to note that after early childhood and during old age, a person should not experience the sanpaku state if their physical metabolism is healthy and well-balanced.

It is necessary to consider these signs as possible indicators of abnormal behavior and seek appropriate medical attention if they are present.

Extreme Sanpaku: A Sign of Impending Sudden Death?

Extreme or lower Sanpaku indicates that death is looming

According to some theories, this unusual appearance in the eyes could be an indicator of sudden death that is about to occur in the near future. It’s not surprising then that many criminals who have appeared in police wanted ads have been described with this characteristic.

Furthermore, it has been observed that the majority of people who have been murdered also had lower Sanpaku, meaning a vacant space below the iris.

Historical figures such as Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Princess Diana, and Michael Jackson, among others, have been identified with this peculiarity in their eyes, according to Eastern studies.

A notable case is that of Georges Ohsawa, known as the macrobiotic prophet, who made a tragic prophecy about the life of then-President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, in August 1963. Three months later, on November 22, JFK was assassinated in a tragic event that shocked the whole world.

Ohsawa’s prediction was made in an article that was read by thousands of people in the United States, specifically in the New York Herald Tribune which catapulted him to fame both in the United States and around the world.

In the face of this mysterious connection between the state of Sanpaku and sudden death, Nyoiti Sakurazawa, an expert in the field, has researched and developed a method to identify and cure this condition within one or two months.

In his book “You Are All Sanpaku,” he promotes the importance of health as a priority in life and emphasizes the need to heal oneself by changing daily habits before focusing on anything else. According to Nyoiti Sakurazawa, health is the fundamental pillar upon which everything else in life rests.

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