Mudras for energy protection

Mudras for energy protection,

If you are the target of a physical attack, sorcery, or a “psychological attack”, the following mudras of protection will help you. The Mudra instantly protects you from any attack or malicious intent on the part of your adversaries.

Mudras of energetic protection – Symbols of power with the hands

If your enemy is in your field of vision, you can perform it by pointing it directly at him or her, or you can direct it at an imagined version of him or her.

The mudra works like a mirror, deflecting negative energy towards your aggressors, who will then inflict the damage they wish against themselves. As they deal with their difficulties, your adversaries will be distracted and stop trying to harm you.

It is only the Law of Karma; it is not retaliation. You can also implore God to forgive them (as I tend to do).

Mudra for immediate protection

The Mudra instantly defends you from any attack or evil intent of your adversaries. If your enemy is in your range of vision, you can do it by directing it directly towards him, or you can direct it towards a mental image of him.

You can use the Mudra of immediate protection to protect your loved ones, your company and your possessions from any evil intentions.

The Mudra acts as a mirror

By concentrating your bad energy on your attackers, they will harm themselves to harm you. While dealing with their problems, your adversaries will be distracted and forget to harm you. This condition will cause them trouble.

Mantra: it is only the Law of Karma; it is not retaliation. You can also implore God to forgive them (as I tend to do).

Mudras for energy protection,

Protect yourself from all your enemies with this “Protective Shield”

Remember that “prevention is better than cure” and be wary of your so-called friends if you have reason to believe otherwise. If they truly wish you no harm, you can direct the Mudra in such a way that nothing bad will happen to them; rather, they will be safeguarded.

This Mudra of Protection is unique in that it can be used to ward off physical aggression from criminals, as well as to stop robberies, assaults, kidnappings, arson, etc.

The Divine Spark that resides within you is strengthened by this mudra, which also strengthens your entire being. For continuous protection, it can also be performed in six-minute periods several times a day.

Mudras for energy protection,

Mudra protective shield for the day

  1. In front of you, hands are separated from the body at the level of the heart chakra.
  2. Any prayer containing requests for protection can be said.
  3. Perform the Mudra by extending and joining all the fingers of the left hand, which is pointing forward vertically. The thumb is straight and extended, resting on the index finger of the right hand, which is closed into a fist. The back of the right-hand rests firmly on the back of the left hand.
  4. Final words to the energies.
  5. I am grateful
  6. Grounding.

(Light breath. Perform the mudra as needed or throughout three sessions of three to six minutes each, spaced throughout the day (morning, noon and evening).

With information by Damián Alvarez from the book Mudras, Power Symbols made with the Hands via Tinerfe Natural Healing and Therapeutic System.