Finger and Hand Accidents Biodescodification

Finger and Hand Accidents Biodescodification,

If you hurt yourself, cut yourself, hit yourself, burn yourself or damage your hands or fingers in any other way, it will have a particular meaning for our unconscious mind, just like every part of our body.

Finger and Hand Accidents according to Biodescodification – Emotional Conflicts

Your unconscious is trying to get your attention by giving you signals about a certain area of your life. Today you will discover the symbology and how to take advantage of it.

Execution, work and action

The hands and fingers represent “execution, work and action”.

Your subconscious mind is communicating with you if the accident is in your right hand.

You may be talking about anything related to men, the masculine, the external, the paternal function or relationship with the father, reason, the act of giving, the intellectual plane, the work aspect, or any other related subject. Perhaps some unresolved conflict from a male ancestor has been awakened.

Should the accident be on the left hand, your subconscious is trying to communicate with you about anything related to femininity, women, the inner self, motherhood, intuition, the act of receiving, creativity and the emotional aspect.

Perhaps a latent feud from a female ancestor has been awakened.

Transmission and reception of information

The hands serve as antennas for the transmission and reception of information. Therefore, it is quite common for your unconscious to communicate with you through them.

Typical expressions are: “it got out of hand”, “I ate out of the palm of my hand”, “they cut my hands”, “I’ll give you a hand”, “with one hand behind and one in front”, “they throw a stone and hide their hand”, “it’s the boss’s right hand”, etc.

Symbolism has a lot to do with our ability to hold or handle objects, people, or even just ourselves. Along with the concern about running out of money or resources. This is why it is very common for people to “casually” injure their hands when they are having financial difficulties.


The most precise facets of our daily life are represented by the fingers. Each finger represents a region.


Taste, nutrition and maternal activity. Represents your words, your desires and your responsibility.

It is associated with intelligence and the drive to evaluate your own life and the world around you using your criteria. If you have a thumb injury, you are likely to be anxious about something, feel uneasy when you think about someone or a particular circumstance, or perhaps you are devaluing your present.

Thumb suckers are children or adults looking for their mothers and their loving affection.

Index finger

Represents the ego, the sense of smell, authority and justification in public. The unconscious warns you that your freedom is in danger whenever there is a conflict with authority, which manifests itself in the form of injuries or accidents to the index finger.

Do you quarrel with your boss? Do you consider your father? Do you feel you no longer have control over your partner? Do your children not regard you with respect?

Middle Finger

A person of the desired sex rejects you, your sense of touch, your real or symbolic sexuality, how you live and express your sexuality, whether you are angry with your partner, who or what you were thinking about when you were hurt and how you express your sexuality.

Ring Finger

Vision, agreements, contracts and battles. It has to do with commitments of any kind that have you tied to something or someone, as well as changes: has someone passed away in your environment, are you afraid of the future, do you “see” yourself trapped in a relationship, or are you going through grief for someone else?

Little finger

All kinds of secrets and lies can be heard. Also, the feeling of knowing something even when I have no specific information about it.

As for what “not to tell” and what to hide, the transgenerational legacy of your ancestors becomes crucial at this point.

Have you told any lies, do you tell yourself lies? Keep in mind that the unconscious has all the knowledge.

For example, if I am a woman and I cut my right ring finger while cooking, this could indicate problems with my husband. What changes are taking place in my marriage that I am not assimilating?

Every time you have an accident with your hand or finger, you have a wonderful opportunity to resolve some of the conflicting memories that are lodged in your subconscious. To do this, you must first become aware of the location of the cut, the damage, etc., to identify the blocked memory.

The second step is to use an energetic cleansing technique to transform or discharge the confused or unbalanced energy.

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With information from Gabriela A. Lunari

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