The most tragic love story

The most tragic love story,

For these two lovers, the Moon and the Sun, condemned to a permanent separation and for whom there was no poison, no hiding place, no salvation, are the subject of an ancestral legend that, if not surpassing Shakespeare’s work, at least rivals it.

The Legend of the Moon and the Sun – The Most Tragic Love Story

Many myths and legends depict the romance between the Moon and the Sun.

The most popular version is the Christian one, in which God decided to illuminate the earth at the end of his creation through two stars that, despite being equally beautiful, would never coincide in time: one would illuminate the night and the other, the day.

When the two celestial bodies descended to earth, according to Mexican mythology, they became a man and a woman who fell madly in love while celebrating a popular dance. This was done to personalize the event.

It is common to see men and women dressed as suns and moons at the International Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato (Mexico), to unite their hearts. All that’s left now is the Greek mythology version, which, in case you hadn’t noticed, we like.

Two young people named Luna and Sol

According to legend, Luna and Sol, two young boys, fell deeply in love with each other. The goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite, was envious of two mortals who could love each other so passionately and came down from Olympus to disavow their relationship.

The young man forcefully rejected the goddess, who was an expert in the art of seduction, saying:

“You are undoubtedly the most attractive and amiable woman in the world, but only my lovely Luna has my heart. She is more desirable to me than gold itself.”

Aphrodite was furious that she had not been able to convert him.

The couple was ordered by Aphrodite to remain separated forever. So that they would never align in the firmament, she transformed the young man into the star that would shine during the day and the woman into the star that would shine during the night.

She was sure that this would put an end to their relationship.

Zeus intervened so that the Sun could at least brush his beloved’s face again when he saw that his infatuation had withstood the passage of time and space. This is what happens on eclipse days when the two lovers temporarily recombine into one body.