Respect your wives

Respect your wives,

There is a secret described in the Talmud to attract berachah (blessings and abundance) to the home. It goes like this: Says Rav Chelbo: ” Be a prudent person in honoring and respecting your spouse, for the berachah of the home depends on her, as it is written, ‘And Abraham benefited from her.'”

Respect your wives so that there will be no lack of money

Rabbah said to the city of Mechoza: “Respect your spouses for then you will be rich.”

In the world, who does not want to be a wealthy person? In respect for women lies the secret. Let us not look elsewhere; let us turn to the source of blessings which is called “respect the wife”. Consequently, a man should not count every penny he spends.

This teaches us that all the berachah for the household comes through the woman, who was taken from the rib of the man. “When you have financial problems, besides not fighting with your wife, try to appreciate and love her and you will get amazing results.”

Honor your wife above your means

The Talmud says something very interesting:

“Rabbi Avira said, ‘A person should eat and drink below his economic level (according to his financial means). Let him dress according to his economic level (no more and no less).

Let him honor his wife and children above his economic level (above his means), for they (his wife and children) count on him and he counts on God.”

We see in this a strong message

Since a man must support his wife and children, he must honor them by going beyond his means to do so. A man must also support his wife and children because their livelihood depends on God.

Giving the wife what she needs within his means is necessary, but it is not enough to go beyond his means. God will give his wife what she asks for because she depends on him and he on God and God will give him money because he must treat his wife with greater respect financially.

God rewards him with wealth because he treated the woman with more honor and respect than was possible.

Spend generously with your wife

Since she is responsible for the entire household’s berachah, a man should hold his wife in the highest esteem.

Therefore, a man should reduce his expenses and, at the same time, be kind to his wife. God will send his wife food in abundance as long as her husband provides for her materially with joy.

“The Sages obligated man to respect and honor his wife more than himself and to give her everything she needed,” says the Rambam, writing it as a law.

Money is like manure

The Gaon of Vilna once said: “Money is like manure”. Why?

If you keep manure (manure) with you, it stinks, but if you throw it in your garden, trees, plants, flowers and fruits will grow. It is the same with money: if you use it only for your benefit, it will affect you, but if you know how to distribute it, you will enjoy various benefits.

“Whoever finds a wife will find kindness and will attract the favor of God.”

(Proverbs 18:22)

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