Emotional Biodecoding of the Skin

Emotional Biodecoding of the Skin, InfoMistico.com

Did you know that your skin not only protects your body but also reflects your deepest emotional conflicts? We’ll explore how emotional biodecoding of the skin can reveal hidden aspects of your emotional life and how you can heal from within to achieve radiant and healthy skin.

The Symbolism of the Skin in Biodecoding

Biodecoding interprets skin problems as manifestations of internal conflicts. These conflicts can be related to separation, either by excess or lack thereof. People highly sensitive to physical contact may inherit emotional patterns from their family tree, adapting to the presence or absence of such contact.

Feeling unprotected or abandoned can indicate a basic program inherited that manifests in skin problems. These issues can be a sign that we carry an emotional program that isn’t ours but belongs to our family.

Layers of the Skin and Their Emotional Meanings

The skin has three main layers, each related to different embryonic stages and emotional conflicts:

  1. Epidermis (outer): belongs to the 4th Stage.
  2. Hypodermis (inner): belongs to the 3rd Stage.
  3. Dermis (middle): belongs to the 2nd Stage.

Epidermis: Relationship Conflicts

The epidermis is associated with separation conflicts with significant figures like mother, father, family, friends, colleagues, children, or partner. This conflict can be conscious or unconscious and is often related to the lack of contact.

When the epidermis presents problems, it’s common for the person to experience feelings of anguish, fear and nervous system disruption. The skin, being a large protective surface, reflects these emotional states.

Hypodermis: Self-Worth Conflicts

The hypodermis is related to aesthetic devaluation conflicts. If a person has problems in this layer, they may feel that a part of their body is ugly or unattractive. This conflict with their self-image can lead to damage to the hypodermis due to negative judgments.

Dermis: Protection Conflicts

The dermis is linked to protection conflicts. People with issues in this skin layer may desire contact that is not happening or feel it is impossible. This feeling of separation from something or someone with whom they want more closeness can be very disturbing.

Meanings of Common Skin Conditions


Vitiligo is often related to conflicts of traumatic separation from a loved one. The skin reflects this conflict of separation and simultaneous distress, as a way of “cleansing the stain.”


Warts may represent protection that leaves a mark from an attack or aggression. Aesthetically, they can reflect feelings of devaluation or conflict of blemish.

Examples of associated thoughts:

  • “I did my project worse than my peers.”
  • “I’m not attractive.”
  • “They didn’t come to my book presentation, they don’t care about me.”

Nevus and Moles

Nevi or moles are associated with blemish conflicts, indicating that the person protects themselves from an unwanted gaze or contact.


A lipoma can reflect local aesthetic devaluation and a desire for overprotection.


Acne is related to conflicts of identity and self-esteem. It can manifest due to problems with aesthetic valuation, conflicts with what the mirror reflects, or the perception of dirtiness.


Impetigo indicates an attack on integrity with a sensation of separation.


Excessive sweating can occur when a person feels trapped and cannot rely on their mother. Feelings like “I don’t want anyone to trap me in a fearful environment” are common.

Hyperhidrosis in hands or feet:

  • “I feel like I need to escape from a trap.”
  • “I’m afraid that mom will touch me because she’ll hurt me.”


Psoriasis is a hyperkeratinization of the skin related to conflicts in the parent-child relationship. It can reflect overprotection or a desire for separation, creating more skin against the outside.


Couperosis involves blood and redness issues in the skin. Conflicts with irritation (anger) or related to family or primal energy may be present.

Symbolism of the Location of Warts

  • Feet: roots, related to parents and grandparents.
  • Face: self-image.
  • Neck: aging.
  • Hands: writing, work.
  • Eyelids: recognition.
  • Arms: efficiency at work.
  • Soles of the feet: fear of the future, fear of change.

Hidden Biological Emotions

Behind many skin conditions are hidden biological emotions that need to be identified and addressed to heal. Some of the most common are:

  • Small manifestations of hatred.
  • Belief in ugliness.

The Affected Body Part and Its Symbolism

Each body part has its symbolism in biodecoding:

  • Head: authority, mental part.
  • Face: personal image.
  • Hands: relationships with father, husband, or boss.
  • Nails: defense or aggressiveness.
  • Knees: submission.
  • Buttocks: identity.
  • Thighs: sexuality.
  • Elbows: competitiveness.
  • Forearms: reach, goals.
  • Feet: mother or work.
  • Right/left side: father and mother (for right-handed); reversed for left-handed.

How to Prevent Skin Problems

To prevent skin problems, it’s essential to care for both body and mind:

  • Take care of your skin: protect yourself from the sun, keep your skin clean and hydrated.
  • Self-confidence: learn to trust yourself and life.
  • Avoid imaginary dangers: not all dangers are real.
  • Surround yourself with positive people: stay away from toxic people and surround yourself with those who make you happy.
  • Give and receive affection: touch is a fundamental sense.
  • Give without expecting anything in return: practice generosity.
  • Accept your image: improve what you can and accept what you cannot change.
  • Express yourself freely: be authentic.
  • Choose your territory: live where you feel good.
  • Open yourself to the world and others: don’t isolate yourself.

Final Reflections

The skin reflects our inner state. When we are emotionally well, our skin is healthy and radiant. On the contrary, internal conflicts, whether conscious or unconscious, manifest in the skin with various problems that are hard to hide. Use your skin as a means to understand and solve what happens on deeper levels. Thus, your skin and soul will resonate with the health and harmony you deserve.

If you need help understanding or resolving these conflicts, you can count on me. In online and in-person consultations, we can work together to bring harmony to your life. I hope this article has been helpful and encourages you to make the changes you need. Every step towards your inner self brings you closer to yourself and others.

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