Elbow Biodescodification

Elbow Biodescodification, InfoMistico.com

The elbow is part of the movement/valuation stage of the third embryonic stage. All elbow issues, including your physical issues, are linked to issues of esteem and movement. Whether it is your estimation or how you think others appreciate you.

Elbow according to Biodescodification – Emotional Conflicts

  • Conflict: involves work, identity and professional effort. “Devastating useful work”.
  • Resentment: I make a place for myself. Psoriasis or eczema: “I feel disconnected from my work”.

Inner elbow

It has to do with affection and hugs. Dueling, intergenerational.


An 18-year-old breaks his elbow; the connection is that the father is a mechanic and shop owner; he wants the son to work alongside him, but the boy refuses.

Lasting several months, this is a repetitive to minimal conversion. He wants to be a disc jockey but is conflicted about not being able to materialize it.

He breaks his elbow to avoid going to work. His unconscious helps him achieve what he could not otherwise do because he does not intentionally break it.

L. Louis Hay

  • They represent changes in direction and acceptance of new experiences, which is their most likely cause.
  • New mental pattern: I flow easily with new experiences, new directions and new changes.

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