Cellulite Biodescodification

Cellulite Biodescodification, InfoMistico.com

The cellulite is often related to my fear of compromise and my tendency to hold on to emotions from the past. Probable cause: accumulated anger and self-punishment. New mental model: I forgive others and I forgive myself. I am free to love and enjoy life.

Cellulite according to Biodescodification – Emotional Conflicts

What emotional conflict am I living?

Cellulite is a consequence of the biological unconscious (fear of suffering it). Generations after generations assumed that “it must be suffered”, “it must be suffered” and “this is enough reason to be rejected”.

After years of feeling this emotion, of fear of suffering from it, one suffers before, when it appears and one fights against it because of a feeling of “self-devaluation”.

Aesthetic cellulite

In 95% of the cases, aesthetic cellulite is a self-devaluation conflict. As in many cases, the more I think about it, the more it affects me and the less it disappears. We keep ourselves in a toxic circle we have been in for centuries, from which we do not know how to get out.

To all that we drag from the transgenerational, as an aesthetic problem, we have to add our personality and our fears.

The limiting belief is that cellulite separates us from others, that nobody will love us, that we are not attractive and nobody likes us. If that is our feeling, we are going to transmit that fear, those beliefs to our daughters, from them to our granddaughters.

We leave in inheritance the predisposition, fear, limiting beliefs and the feeling that cellulite is bad.

Cellulite physical blockage

This is a predominantly female problem. It is recognized because it looks like an orange peel. It affects the neck, trunk, buttocks and thighs and represents an aesthetic problem. It corresponds to an inflammation of the cellular tissue that can manifest itself as a painful hardening of the affected area.

Cellulite emotional blockage

This condition has to do with a blockage in the person’s creativity. It would help if you looked at the region in which it occurs to find out in which area your creativity is blocked and quickly look for the meaning of it.

This affects the person who holds back too much and is not very self-confident. In addition, as this disorder alters the aesthetic aspect, it indicates that the person who suffers from it is too concerned about what others think of them.

Is easily influenced and lets them prevents them from acting to express their creativity. She is afraid to show herself as she is, to show her great creative power.

The cellulite may also indicate that the person experiences a lot of feelings because she would like to control those around her but she represses herself and keeps her emotions inside so that others do not notice them.

The person becomes hardened in the face of life situations, deceiving herself and believing that they do not alter her.

Cellulite mental block

The question you need to ask yourself is: “why am I afraid to assert my creativity, what am I afraid of if I attract attention with all my talents, if I show everything I can do, am I afraid of not living up to the situation, do I think I am a spineless person?”.

What is not good is that by holding yourself back, you also want to hold others back. This often happens unconsciously. You must try to let go of the past that prevents you from fully living your present moment.

You can let yourself show your strength, accept to be praised and be admired for who you are, with all your talents. Let’s take the reins of our life and make the mental and emotional change that our body needs.

A hug,

Monsalud Luque
Translation: InfoMistico.com

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