Cancer: A Metaphysical and Emotional Perspective

Cancer: A Metaphysical and Emotional Perspective,

Since the dawn of our existence, we have been living in a constant stream of emotions. We are in an endless cycle of attractions and aversions to the things, events and people that surround us. The simplicity of these preferences often translates into two overriding emotions: love or hate.

Redefining Cancer: A Metaphysical and Emotional Perspective

This polarity of feelings is an inherently human characteristic, while animals, on the contrary, seem to follow a more basic pattern: they operate on the basis of love and survival, without the burden of judgment, criticism and opinion.

Animals, thanks to their intuitive nature, have the ability to capture vibrations and discern between love and danger. This feature, in its simplicity, opens the door to a broader and deeper perspective on one of the greatest enigmas of human health: cancer.

Cancer from a Metaphysical Perspective

Cancer, a disease that has instilled fear in humanity for centuries, can be interpreted from a metaphysical point of view as a manifestation of altered vibrations, capable of changing from malignant to benign.

However, this change in vibrations faces a considerable challenge: the patient’s attitude and the influence of their environment.

Often, the person diagnosed with cancer is mired in a state of disappointment and anger. She is angry at herself, at society and at the perception of being the victim of a considerable injustice.

It is difficult for him to take responsibility for what is happening to him. This recognition, when it occurs, often generates a dynamic of guilt and suffering.

Guilt and Cancer

The cancer patient can be a person with deep wounds and dark secrets, a person who harbors intense resentment and pain inside. Unable to forgive and forget the past, he ends up projecting his desperation onto others, blaming them for his suffering.

In his state of desperation, he is convinced that it is too late to solve things and lives consumed by frustration.

Destructive and spiteful thoughts are a dangerous trap. When we point an accusing finger at others, we are unconsciously pointing three fingers at ourselves.

As the well-known self-help author, Louise Hay, said, it’s imperative to forgive with love and let go of the past to fill our world with joy, joy and happiness.

Cancer: Manifestation of Hate and Anger

Cancer can occur in people who have intense feelings of hate and anger, whether toward family members, partners, or even their work. Living in a state of constant disgust and aversion can result in an environment conducive to the development of cancer.

When we think of someone consumed by hate and resentment, we might assume that they are not a good person. However, this reasoning is flawed. Studies show that cancer patients are often sensitive people who have been deeply hurt and upset.

These people, despite their generous nature, harbor deep disappointment that is difficult to tolerate and accept. The denial of this inner hatred, together with its unacceptability, results in an accumulation that, over time, invades the body down to the cellular level.

Holographic Healing and the Creation of Positive Vibrations

Holographic healing posits that healing a single cell in the body can result in the healing of the entire body. This belief is based on the idea that a healthy cell vibrates and transmits this vibration of creation to every cell in the body.

In the same way, cancer cells proliferate with a destructive vibration, fueled by destructive feelings such as hate, resentment, and past frustration.

Therefore, an effective cure for cancer could be the transmission of vibrations of creation: the conceptualization and implementation of a plan, a challenge or an objective that focuses energy towards a creative outcome.

According to theology, God created us in his image. As such, our task is to participate in creation, not in the past but from this moment forward. However, a cancer patient who can’t identify a goal in a matter of seconds is probably too focused on their disease and not on creating something new.

Our Path to Healing

On the path to healing, it’s essential that we stop blaming others and take responsibility for our lives. According to the Ho’oponopono principle, we are all responsible for what happens to us in life.

This means that blaming others is useless and only serves to waste our energy on excuses. Instead, we must understand that we are the only ones who can solve our problems.

In conclusion, identifying a goal and starting to create can be a powerful tool for starting recovery. Let’s not waste energy on things of the past; instead, let’s look to the future. For a deeper understanding of this approach, it is recommended to read the book “The Creator” (Spanish edition).