Angel Hahahel Number 41

Angel Hahahel Number 41,

Number: 41
Tree of Life: Tiphereth sphere meaning “Beauty”
Planetary energies: Sun and Uranus
Zodiac sign: Libra
Zodiac Regency: 20° to 25° Libra, 9° Taurus, 21° Cancer, 1° Libra, 15° Sagittarius and 27° Aquarius
Meaning: “God in three persons”
Prince: Archangel Raphael
Regency hours: 13:20 to 13:40

Angel 41 Hahahel: Attracts healing and blessings into your life

The figure of Hahahel embodies the essence of healing and inner wisdom, two essential attributes for navigating the complexities of life. The sphere of influence of Hahahel, akin to a celestial balm, suggests a profound connection with the act of healing not only physically but also spiritually, guiding us towards a deeper understanding of our purpose and true essence.

Its presence emphasizes the importance of aligning with our most authentic and divine self, a process that is not merely introspective but transformative. Inner wisdom, often overshadowed by the noise of the day-to-day, is revealed under the tutelage of Hahahel, illuminating the path towards authenticity and personal empowerment.

External judgments can deviate or even hurt, Hahahel emerges as a beacon of strength and self-affirmation. Understanding and accepting our own image and intrinsic value frees us from the chains of doubt and insecurity, elevating our self-esteem and confidence in ourselves.

Protection is another vital aspect of this angel’s domain. In times of adversity, especially when our spiritual path is threatened by misunderstandings or external aggressions, the figure of Hahahel acts as a protective shield. It allows us to maintain our inner peace and security, fundamental for spiritual exploration and expansion.

The mission of Hahahel transcends individual guidance, pointing towards a higher goal: fostering a deeper and unified understanding of the divine. In a world fragmented by doctrinal differences, it offers a bridge towards spiritual unity, an invitation to explore renewed and more inclusive faith paths.

The act of gratitude closes the circle of our interaction with the divine. Recognizing and thanking for the wisdom and protection received is an act of humility and acknowledgment, which reinforces our connection with the divine and with the universe.

Hahahel offers us an essential perspective for personal growth and transformation, reminding us of the importance of aligning our life with our deepest values, always seeking inner wisdom and the strength to face challenges with grace and determination.

How to invoke the Angel Hahahel (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 13:20 to 13:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 4 to 8 Tishrei 5785
  • Gregorian calendar regency: October 6 to 10, April 29, July 10, September 20, December 1 and February 11

Dates indicated refer to the year of regency approximately to the year 2024. The physical angel determines the position of the Sun by quinary (set of five degrees) in your birth chart. The emotional angel by the position of the sun by zodiac degree and the mental angel depends on the actual local time of birth. A precise calculation is needed. If you are interested in actually discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here

Angel Hahahel Number 41,

Hebrew Letter Angel Hahahel

Angel Hahahel Number 41,


Healing Difficult Situations

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Psalm 120, Verse 2

Angel Hahahel Number 41,
Deliver my soul, O Lord, from the lying lip and the deceitful tongue.

Characteristics of People Guided and Born Under the Protection of Angel 41 Hahahel

If you are fortunate enough to be under the guardianship of Angel Hahahel, you are a person filled with virtues such as patience, honesty and contagious optimism. You are the person to whom everyone turns for wise advice and encouraging words.

Your generosity and humility know no bounds, making you an exceptionally altruistic human being. For you, religiosity is not an obligation but a vocation; indeed, it could be said that you are a potential spiritual leader.

You feel in your heart that the universe, or God, has reserved you for a special mission, even if its onset may be a mystery. Upon finding your ideal partner, you will feel that your life’s mission is complete and ready to fully unfold.

Your desire to become a parent is strong, not just to have a family but also to pass on to your children the valuable teachings you have acquired throughout your life. Angel Hahahel blesses you with the gift of effective communication and charisma. You attract people toward you and possess an innate aptitude for learning about a wide range of topics, particularly those of a spiritual or esoteric nature.

You constantly thirst for knowledge and seek the truth in the words of great spiritual masters, even in unconventional scriptures. Your faith is unshakeable and you feel that your religiosity comes from the deepest part of your heart.

Although you are respectful of all beliefs, you do not fear presenting your own ideas, even if they clash with established religious dogmas. You possess exceptional skills for deciphering texts and sacred symbols.

Professionally, you have a broad range of possibilities. From being a teacher, doctor and psychologist to working in more specialized fields such as metaphysics and esoterism. Regardless of the profession you choose, you will always find a way to incorporate your spirituality into what you do.

Negative aspects of Angel Negative 41: Duke Focalor

This Duke, listed as number 41 in the hierarchy of the 72 Demons of King Solomon, commands 30 legions of demons, indicating his significant power and influence in the infernal realms. Often, his name appears varied as Forcalor or Furcalor, reflecting the diversity of translations and adaptations throughout history.

The representation of Focalor as a man with griffin wings plunges us into the symbolism of the grotesque and the sublime, merging human and bestial characteristics to evoke a presence both fearsome and majestic.

Focalor’s profile is particularly intriguing due to its duality. On one hand, he is described as a murderous spirit, capable of causing death by drowning and unleashing storms at sea. This dominion over the elements of water and air grants him considerable destructive power, especially in contexts related to the sea and weather.

Moreover, his capacity to hurl for war closely links him to the spheres of conflict and the military, suggesting that his invocation might have been especially valued in times of war.

However, this destructive force is accompanied by a notable ethical restriction: Focalor will not harm any man or thing if so ordered. This disposition underscores the importance of intention and moral authority in occult practices, highlighting the power of the summoner to direct the actions of such potent entities towards non-harmful ends.

Focalor yearns to return to the seventh throne after a thousand years, suggesting a story of fall and possible redemption. This desire for return implies a complexity in his character not always present in descriptions of demonic entities, adding a dimension of aspiration and remorse that enriches his narrative.

As a powerful servant in the witchcraft of dreams, linked to the subconscious, water and Leviathan, as well as to the air, he boasts a deep connection with the elements and the inner world, offering a bridge between the physical and the metaphysical.

The study of figures like Focalor, with a focus on ethics and respect, allows us to demystify and understand demonology more deeply. It’s not just about knowing the capabilities and history of these entities, but recognizing the responsibilities inherent in their invocation.

In this context, demonology is revealed not as a mere catalog of names and powers but as a field of study that demands discernment, respect and above all, a deep understanding of the forces at hand.

Legend of the Angel Hahahel

The Final Elegy of the Angel Hahahel, Guardian of Celestial Souls

On those bleak winter days, the mournful tolling of the bells from the sacred tower seemed like a hymn crossing dimensions, reaching the celestial spheres. The bells not only celebrated the journey of a soul to the beyond but also mourned the departure of an irreplaceable being.

In the Kingdom of Hoch, no one could ignore the vast influence of Haamiah, the High Priest, a man whose four decades of service had translated into a legacy of compassion, scholarship and balance. His departure plunged the kingdom into a dark abyss of uncertainty.

King Hoch, with eyes clouded by emotion, felt the absence as an open wound. Haamiah had been more than an advisor; he had been the beacon guiding him through turbulent seas. Now, the ship of the kingdom seemed adrift.

Thus, with the weight of the kingdom on his shoulders, the monarch convened the Grand Council. “Without spiritual guidance, the entire kingdom risks being lost. Who, then, will be the beacon to guide us?” questioned the king.

One of the elders suggested, “Perhaps, among Haamiah’s apprentices, there exists one who can fill such a colossal void.”

Impatient, the king replied, “I am interested in realities, not mere possibilities.”

“Then let us propose a challenge. Each candidate shall craft the funeral ritual that will pay tribute to our revered Haamiah,” proposed another of the elders. “Through their homage, we will know their heart and their capacity.”

The four apprentices accepted the challenge. When the rituals were completed, they presented themselves before the Council and the king. The first aspirant became intoxicated by his own grandiosity. The second sang praises to the kindness of the departed master and the third offered a dissertation outlining the life of the sage in meticulous detail.

But the fourth, Hahahel, came forth with empty hands and eyes full of cosmic understanding. He spoke thus:

“Today we bid farewell to a guide, a teacher, a friend. But let us not forget that he was also a being with an eternal soul, now returning to the vast concert of the Universe. His true home is not here, but in the dimensions where divine harmony is the only law.”

“Therefore, let us elevate our souls and ask the Creator to guide his journey toward the eternal Light, where he will finally find rest.”

At that precise moment, the hearts of the king and the Council found a new direction. Hahahel became the High Priest, the new guardian of the kingdom’s spirit. And although the shadow of Haamiah would never completely dissipate, in Hahahel they found a radiance promising a new dawn.

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