What is Hidden Behind Money

What is Hidden Behind Money, InfoMistico.com

The word “money” is so powerful that it can generate conflicting emotions in people. Some see it as an object of desire, while others associate it with negative feelings.

Why does money create mixed feelings?

However, what is certain is that money is a recurring theme in human history, as much as its acceptance and rejection. Why does money discriminate against so many people?

This problem originates from the way in which our society has defined and conceived it. For a long time, we have linked it to negative aspects and have turned it into an object of addiction.

Our thoughts and paradigms have helped to create a negative egregore around money. But what would happen if we started to change the way we see it?

If we use it consciously and responsibly, we could turn it into a tool to achieve our goals and dreams without feeling bad about it. Money doesn’t have to be our enemy but rather an ally on the path to our goals.

Money as an egregore: how does it affect our financial relationship?

An egregore is an energetic phenomenon that can manifest itself as an autonomous entity whether positive or negative.

Archangel Michael is an example of a high-frequency positive egregore that can generate large amounts of energy. However, money is also an egregore but often demoralizing, capable of controlling people.

Money can alter our emotions causing people to fight about it or change their personalities when they have it.

This may be due to the presence of the negative egregor of money in our minds and society. The influence of this egregor can be so powerful that our paradigms about money are fully realized.

If we want to change our relationship with money, it’s important to recognize the existence of this egregore and work to change our perspective. We can do this by practicing gratitude and positive visualization which can help us attract new energy and manifest a new financial reality in our lives.

Money and low-frequency energies: How do they affect our relationship with money?

The relationship we have with money is complex and full of paradigms that limit us in the search for abundance. Many of us have internalized the idea that money is bad and that its possession turns us into selfish and greedy beings.

For this reason, unconsciously, we reject it to avoid joining the energy charge that accompanies it.

Money is imbued with low-frequency energies due to the feelings generated by their presence or absence. It has become the means of obtaining wealth but this is incompatible with true wealth.

That’s why many people who are rich in money feel dissatisfied and empty inside.

Instead of focusing on the amount of money we can accumulate, we should focus on satisfying our desires. As human beings, we have the need to desire and this motivates us in life. Although money may be a faster way to satisfy our desires, it is not the only way.

Changing our relationship with money implies accepting and understanding that money is not bad in itself but that it is our paradigms and thoughts that make it so. Only when we learn to separate money from the negative emotions that surround it can we open up to the true source of abundance and find the satisfaction we seek.

How to resist low-frequency energies and access the wealth you deserve

Money is a sensitive topic that arouses different emotions in people, often associated with greed, selfishness or dissatisfaction. But have you ever considered that money can also be imbued with low-frequency energies?

That’s why it’s important to start resisting these energies and raising the frequency of money to access the wealth we truly deserve.

To achieve this, we need a phase of money transformation that involves changing the frequency of this energy so that we can use it for our own benefit and the planet. This is no easy task but we can start with small practices such as putting our banknotes and coins next to harmonic music or mantra for at least 3 hours after receiving our salary.

These sound symbols tend to harmonize the environment and transform energy with frequency waves that increase vibration.

This simple practice will allow us to become aware of the feelings that mobilize us when we use the money we earn, and begin to resist the low-frequency energies associated with money.

Change does not come alone and it is important that we, as protagonists of change, begin to transform the energy of money from the world of energy, since the physical body is only “the receptacle” of what exists there.

By doing so we will be able to access the true source of abundance and satisfy our desires in a fuller and more satisfying way.

Let us remember that money is not bad in and of itself but rather the low-frequency energies that surround it. By transforming this energy, we can raise our frequency and access the true wealth we deserve. Dare to take action in the world of energy and start your transformation today!