What affects and hurts you will pass

What affects and hurts you will pass, InfoMistico.com

Everything passes. What is enveloping you right now and hurting you so much will also pass. Knowing this encourages you to move forward and comforts you. It allows us to see the positive aspects of our lives in perspective and to express gratitude…

What is currently affecting you and causing you so much pain will also pass

It allows us to see beyond the situation and look above it. It prompts us to take a deep breath, to be open to new perspectives on the dispute and to discover solutions that were previously unknown and even unthinkable.

Everything happens, but it should not happen in vain. Please, may this suffering, pain and anxiety not be in vain.

May it help us to be able to see beyond when life shakes us and hits us personally. To better understand what is important and what is not.

To say more than “no” when the answer is both “no” and “yes,” or when fear tempts us to run away and believe we don’t deserve what we want.

It can lighten everything, taking the leftovers out of the baggage

To let go of silly and unnecessary thoughts and make life easier for us.

May the fear we are experiencing allow us to explore it and help us see that it is not as overwhelming or absolute as we initially thought.

To be aware of it and realize that, despite our misgivings, we are capable of overcoming it… to stop fighting against it and life and instead find ourselves occasionally swimming, but mostly floating and letting go.

Let us explore what life has to offer us

Let this time help us avoid the same mistakes and escape the hellish cycle in which we keep ourselves trapped for fear of thinking differently, acting differently, or simply being ourselves.

Let this long period of stress and hardship serve as a reminder of our worth, altering the way we see ourselves and the world. Let the world transform in front of us (even if everything remains the same).

Let suffering serve as a reminder of who we are, not by beating ourselves up, but by showing us respect, compassion and understanding.

Let us listen to what the fear and despair that invade us are trying to teach us about the life lesson we need to learn to let go and move on. Let’s avoid acting as if nothing is happening, that we are unstoppable and invincible, that nothing affects us or that we are helpless victims as in the past.

Stop blaming yourself for everything and stop trying to shake off the guilt

This time, let’s not play the victim or the executioner. Let’s take responsibility for what happens to us and make peace with it.

May it leave its mark this time and help us to maintain the beauty and eliminate the pain. May it alter us inwardly and shake us to the point of finally deciding to make those pending decisions for the better.

May it help us to reconcile with ourselves and to love ourselves. Not for passing any test, but for being there in our lives and choosing to walk together with us in the deepest love.

Thank you that the things that happen to us help us discover the magnificent being that is already there, waiting to be known, who is not stronger or better than us, but wiser and more loving of himself.

Everything passes

But may it not leave us before we have benefited from it and understood the lesson.

As they say, all things pass away and this is true… May it succeed this time and have an impact on our lives.

With information from Mercè Roura
Coach, trainer in emotional intelligence and communication and writer.