Systemic Sclerosis Biodescodification

Systemic Sclerosis Biodescodification,

When there is a conflict of dramatic separation, the unresolved conflict of devaluation, that is to say, the separation is lived in a tone of devaluation. Scleroderma is characterized by hardening of the skin and loss of mobility and elasticity.

Biodescodification Systemic Sclerosis – Mummy’s disease

As a patient of this disease, I am hard on myself and often feel pain. Living with a lot of insecurity, I feel that I always have to protect myself from the people around me. For this, I try so hard that I turn into a block of ice.

Healing is found in openness with others.

Therefore, I accept to open my heart to love, to feel the warmth and well-being around me, that warmth that descends deep inside me and melts this bond that chills me.

The skin in general

The skin covers my entire body and defines what is “inside” and what is “outside”, that is my personality.

On the surface, the skin is the most important organ of the body. It is a protective layer that precisely delineates my living space and faithfully and unconsciously reveals my inner state.

If I am a sweet person, so will my skin. If I am very sensitive, my skin may be sensitive as well. Conversely, if I am hard on myself or others, my skin also becomes hard and thick. When my skin becomes irritated, it is because there is something or someone in my life that irritates me.

A lot of insecurity will make my skin moist, while skin that sweats a lot is because it releases emotions that I have been holding in and needs to be released. Therefore, the quality of my relationship with the outside world will be expressed by the condition of my skin.

Scleroderma in women

Scleroderma is a condition that mainly affects women.

It is recognized because the skin is thin, does not wear and adhere to the bone of the face, the eyelids are retracted and the mouth is drawn in a slight line.

The hands are soft and small, with somewhat clumsy movements, because the fingers are stiff. Scleroderma can spread throughout the body, enclosing the person as if in a rigid shell.

People with this disease get an important message that they no longer want to enclose themselves in their armor. It is so hard that it has completely taken away sensitivity. He wants to give the impression of a hard person, while his gentleness is eager to express itself.

That person will help a lot to improve himself, be less demanding on himself and stop controlling himself too much.

The conflict

Conflicts of dramatic separation with no option for resolution. The result is devaluation, it is very painful and with thoughts of coldness and death.

Feelings of resentment

  • I feel bad because I separated…
  • I feel bad that someone is alone because of me.
  • If this separation occurs, it is because I have not been well.
  • I want to protect myself from suffering (4th stage).
  • I have no security.
  • I feel threatened by others, I create defenses.

Self-programming conflict

  • My own body makes me suffer (3rd stage, fat). This can happen in twin siblings when one of them dies.

Probable causes

  • Self-preservation of life.
  • Not trusting our ability to take care of ourselves.

New thinking pattern

I am completely relaxed because I now know I am safe. I believe in life and I believe in myself.


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