Tisha B´Av Day

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The Kabbalists tell us that the day Tisha B’av is the only day of the year when the force called Satan (our Ego, adversary, or internal opponent) governs for 25 hours.

Tisha B’Av Day – The only day of the year on which Satan governs

Remember that the force called Satan is not a demon or a devil it is a force of negative consciousness, whose nature is purely receiving, chaos, selfishness and space.

This adversarial entity, the source of the human ego, was created to test and challenge humanity, to make our transformation from selfish beings to selfless beings challenging, ensuring that we eliminate the “bread of shame” and truly earn our place in Paradise or the Kingdom of Heaven.

Complete domination of the universe

On the day of Tisha B’Av, the force of Satan is given total dominion over the universe. This is the day that Satan seeks to enter and control our body, heart and mind.

For this reason, on the 10th of Av (July 28, 2023) we fast for a total period of twenty-five hours.

On this day, we abstain from all food and drink, as they are contaminated with his negative energy. We also read and/or scan the ancient biblical manuscript of Lamentations (Megillat Eicha), written by the prophet Jeremiah to tell the story of the destruction of the Temple.

The most destructive date in history

Why talk about destruction on the most destructive date in history? The reading of the manuscript serves as a vaccine against the very disease (wanton hatred) that destroyed the first place.

Read this manuscript in Hebrew and fasting will keep us completely separated from the force and consciousness of the Ego-Satan, thus giving us the ability to overcome this reactive consciousness throughout the year.

If done correctly, the technology designated for this day gives us the ability to eradicate Satan from humanity for good.

The Day of Destruction

The Kabbalists tell us that on this day of destruction, darkness-negativity will emerge as the greatest ray of Light-Good and allow us to reach a state of global consciousness where humanity is liberated from all reactive forms of consciousness.

This state of consciousness will allow us to achieve personal freedom and eternal bliss. When a critical mass of people reach this inner state of Messiahship, this consciousness will dominate all of humanity and immortality and eternal fulfillment will become the new reality.

Energy of Protection

We can connect with the energy of Protection for that day and transform it into Light by doing the following:

  • Total fasting from food and drink.
  • Sit low (ground).
  • Refrain from excessive communication (no gossiping, judging, or criticizing anyone).
  • Refrain from bathing and the use of perfumes or oils.
  • Not wearing leather shoes (tennis shoes).
  • Listening to and/or scanning the m’gilah eij’a (book of lamentations).
  • Do not scan-study the Torah or Zohar.

Create your shield of light protection against the most negative day (and month) of the year. And transform the day of satan/ego into the day of Mashiach-Messiah-Christ.


  • Hate into Love.
  • Darkness into Light.
  • Reactive into Proactive.
  • Selfishness into Altruism.
  • Anger into Temperance.
  • Fear into Strength.
  • Chaos into Order.
  • Strife into Peace.
  • Illness into Health.
  • Problems into Opportunities for Growth, etc…

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