Spring Equinox Meditation: Renewal and Balance

Spring Equinox Meditation: Renewal and Balance, InfoMistico.com

This meditation is perfect for connecting internally and externally with the energy of the season and taking advantage of its qualities and possibilities. It is a unique opportunity to transform and spiritually elevate ourselves while exploring everything that Earth and Life offer us in these new territories.

Connect with the spring energy

Meditation guide to elevate your spirit and enjoy nature

It would be wonderful to gather with friends and family to welcome spring with a delicious meal in the countryside or at home if going out is not possible.

It’s the perfect time to enjoy a mountain, beach, river or forest. If for some reason you can’t go to any of these places, don’t worry, a park is also an excellent option.

Make sure it has trees, plants and a fountain or pond to have the four elements of nature present: air, fire, water and earth. If this is not possible, don’t worry, you can celebrate the Spring Equinox at home surrounded by your favorite plants and flowers, visualize your preferred natural space and feel in harmony with Mother Nature.

Create a sacred space

How to ask permission from elemental beings and prepare your altar for a meditation in nature

Once you have found the chosen place to meditate, if it is in the middle of nature, it is important to greet and ask permission from the elemental beings of the place. These are salamanders, gnomes, undines and sylphs, who are responsible for keeping this space in good condition.

When you feel that they have responded and granted the requested permission, thank them and find the most suitable place to do your meditation.

To start, trace a circle around you, either physically or visually. Start at the East and close it again at that cardinal point after passing through the South, West and North. Don’t forget to also connect with the directions above and below and to open your heart to receive what you need.

To create a beautiful altar inside the circle, we recommend that you have a handkerchief or small blanket on hand to place on the ground or on a nearby rock. You can use four candles of different colors, incense, feathers, seashells or a small bowl of water, crystals, river stones or a bowl of salt, flowers and anything else you feel related to the energy of spring.

Connect with nature and manifest your desires with this spring ritual

Create a magical altar and feel the divine energy within you

To place the candles, we suggest that you distribute them in the form of a cross and place them at each of the cardinal points. Distribute the rest of the objects according to your intuition. Don’t forget to place your intentions list inside the circle.

With these elements, you can create a magical and energizing atmosphere to connect with nature and manifest your desires for the most flourishing season of the year. Enjoy the process and let your creativity and intuition guide you.

Sit comfortably inside the circle, facing the East of the majestic altar. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the calmness surrounding you, allowing your breathing to become smoother and rhythmic.

Connect with Mother Earth through the soles of your feet, feeling her powerful and healing energy. Open your crown chakra and connect with the Creator Source, feeling the divine energy flooding your being. Then, connect with your Higher Self through your heart, feeling its loving and guiding presence.

Greet the natural elements and their elemental spirits, thanking them for their presence in this sacred moment. Invite your personal guides, your Guardian Angel and the Light Beings who always accompany you to guide and protect you on this meditative journey.

And lastly, state your name and declare your intention to celebrate and anchor the spring equinox in yourself and the entire planet Earth, with the guidance and assistance of Ostara, the Lady of Spring, the embodiment of the Goddess who brings us renewal and rebirth each year.

Immerse yourself in the majesty of spring and feel its renewing energy

Now, focus completely on the beauty and vibrant colors of the landscape around you. Let it permeate you with its splendor, inhaling deeply and feeling how each tone penetrates your being, from your feet to your head, from your body to your mind, heart and spirit.

Dive so deeply into the majesty of the landscape and everything that composes it that you become one with it. Let yourself be carried away by the experience and enjoy the moment to the fullest. Invoke Eostre/Ostara, the beautiful goddess of spring. Imagine her dressed in a cheerful and colorful tunic, adorned with flowers and garlands.

In her left hand, she holds a bell, while in her right, she has a magic wand. Watch her dance joyfully in front of you, ringing her bell and touching everything around you with her wand. With her magical touch, spring arrives and everything is filled with light, life and new energy, including you.

The birds start singing, the flowers start blooming and the trees start moving their branches. The air is filled with fresh fragrances and the blue sky shines with a special glow. Welcome spring, dance with it and thank it for its return after winter.

If you wish, ask her to touch you with her magic wand to revitalize, regenerate and fill you with her qualities: balance, harmony, fertility, creativity, growth, joy, light, warmth, color and new ideas. You can even ask her to touch your list of purposes and intentions.

Celebrate spring and everything it brings with it!

Close your spring meditation with gratitude and inner renewal

If you feel like it, express yourself. You can sing, dance, jump or simply move as you please and feel full of life. You can even draw. If you’re with others, you can share the dance but everyone in their own style. Finally, anchor the energy of Eostre/Ostara within you and around you throughout the season.

To close this meditation and anchoring, it’s important to take a few minutes to relax and thank Ostara/Eostre for her presence and all she has given you. Although symbolic, this farewell is significant, as she will be with you in the coming months.

Don’t forget to thank the four elements and their elemental spirits, your personal guides, the Beings of Light who have accompanied you, your Guardian Angel, Mother Earth and the Source. And, of course, thank yourself for the work you have just done.

Once you’re done, close the circle and send it to the Source, where it will be kept until the next time you need to open one.

Take a moment to hold in your heart everything you have experienced during this experience, feeling that Ostara/Eostre has already entered your being and will remain there until the next season. Prepare yourself for new opportunities, people, situations and creations that will revitalize and renew you.

Congratulations on a wonderful ceremony!