Hidden Charm: Sadness Dressed as Anger

Hidden Charm: Sadness Dressed as Anger, InfoMistico.com

In a magical kingdom, so distant and hidden that humans might never touch it, or perhaps a place where people continuously travel without realizing, there existed unique magic. In this corner, the intangible became surprisingly solid and real.

Sadness and Anger — Thoughts on Faith, Hope, and the Maze of Emotions

Once upon a time, in this mystical setting, there was an extraordinary pond. This was no ordinary pond. Its waters were so clear and pure, they seemed a reflection of the sky.

Fish of every imaginable color swam within, creating an unmatched spectacle. The surrounding greenery reflected in its waters, suggesting countless shades.

To this pond, where time seemed to stand still and nature displayed its full glory, two unusual figures approached: sadness and anger.

Both, like old friends who have shared many moments, decided to bathe in the enchanted pond. They shed their clothes, revealing their true nature, and entered the water, allowing its cool embrace.

Anger, always hasty and impatient, bathed quickly and exited the pond before one could notice. But as is known, anger often doesn’t see clearly. In her haste, she grabbed the first clothing she found.

Unknowingly, she wore sadness’s clothes and continued on her journey.

On the other hand, sadness, with her deliberate pace and endless serenity, savored every moment in the pond. She submerged with an enduring calm, letting each drop caress her.

Once content, she emerged from the water, slowly, feeling time’s passage as a gentle whisper. Reaching the bank, she discovered her clothes were gone. If there’s one thing sadness dislikes, it’s feeling exposed and vulnerable. With no other options, she wore what remained: the garments of anger.

From that peculiar day, it’s said that we often encounter anger. An anger that, blind and unrestrained, seems to tear through everything in its path.

However, if we pause and observe carefully, with the patience that only a wise soul possesses, we realize that beneath that vehement mask of anger lies the silent and profound sadness.

This story is inspired by the book “Stories to Think About” by Jorge Bucay, an expert in unveiling the intricate facets of the human spirit through his tales.