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Examples of bribery and corruption in the Bible

Ejemplos de soborno y corrupción en la Biblia / Examples of bribery and corruption in the Bible

In our society, corruption is one of the scourges. Corruption is one of the scourges of our society, but it is not new. There are many references to it written thousands of years ago. The phenomenon of corruption does not understand either region or political acronyms. Scandals have occurred in all communities and all parties.

St. Pantaleon

San Pantaleon / Saint Pantaleon

Medical martyr of 29 years of age / 275-+305 / Feast: July 27. Pantaleon means in Greek “he who has compassion on all”. Physician born in Nicomedia (present-day Turkey). He was beheaded for professing his Catholic faith during the persecution of the Roman Emperor Diocletian on July 27, 305.

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