Oracle of the runes

Oracle of the runes,

Three runes

The three rune design is a simple form ideal for beginners. You must randomly choose three runes from your bag and place them on the table in front of you.

Rune one should be on your right, the rune you select as number two in the middle and the last one on the left side. Therefore they should be in the order 3, 2 and 1.

  • Rune 1 will signify the general description of your situation or query.
  • Rune 2, in the middle, represents a challenge of the query.
  • Rune 3 will represent a possible action you could take.

Five runes

With the five rune casting, the objective is to select five runes, one at a time and place them on the cloth in specific places.

  • The first rune should be placed in the middle and the following runes form a cross around it.
  • Number two should go on the left (west) side.
  • The one selected as the third rune should be placed on the top (north).
  • The fourth is at the bottom (south).
  • Finally, the fifth rune is on the right (east).

Place them face down and turn them over as you interpret them, or place them face up immediately. This type of spread is that the three runes in a horizontal position (2, 1 and 5) will represent the past, present and future.

The rune below the middle one (4) will reveal elements of the problem or be accepted and the rune to the right of the center (3) will show you what help you could receive about the issue you are dealing with.

Nine runes

In Norse mythology, nine is a magical number, so it is appropriate to cast nine runes.

This form of casting is best used if you are trying to figure out where your spiritual path lies and what might be the next steps or opportunities you might have. Also, it is a good choice in that you can make good use of your intuition.

When you try this method you should think about your spiritual aspirations, randomly select nine runes and hold them in your hand for a while. Then you will place them on the cloth and spread them out respecting the way they fall on your cloth.

  • The runes closest to the center are considered more relevant to your current situation, while those on the edges are less important, but still, affect your current situation.
  • If runes are close together or touching, they may be complementary influences, while runes located on opposite sides of the cloth represent opposing influences.

First, pay attention to the runes that are face down; it may be helpful to write them down so that you can refer to them and study them in detail later. Then flip the fallen ones over and read them, keeping them in place. These last runes represent external or future influences and may indicate potential new possibilities.

When you look at the runes and their meanings, use your intuition. This is a spread where there are no hard and fast rules and will depend largely on your reading.

Favorable days for rune consultations

Here is a list of the ideal days for you to know what to ask for a specific issue or problem.

  • Monday: birth, couples and business advice.
  • Tuesday: see if the proposed goals are fulfilled.
  • Wednesday: communication and arts issues.
  • Thursday: medical or general health consultations.
  • Friday: for love.
  • Saturday: individual and personal consultations.
  • Sunday: readings of all kinds.

Meaning of each runic letter

Rune Fehu

It symbolizes prosperity and success in business. It means that you have the security you need to attract what you need in your life. Good time to start a business and help others.

If it falls, on the contrary, it means that you should think before you start. You have to be realistic and patient.

Rune Jera

Like the previous one, this rune is auspicious. It symbolizes the reward of hard work and indicates that it is a good time to start projects.

Rune Wunjo

Represents your inner renewal, the fruit of your evolution. This progress implies progress that the work you are doing will be recognized. It invites you to celebrate fertility and all that life has to offer, without guilt.

If it falls inverted, it indicates negative influences that will delay your projects. It recommends analyzing the situation thoroughly before fixing it.

Rune Mannaz

Successful decision-making. Through creativity and the power of faith, you will be able to correct your mistakes.

If it falls inverted, this rune recommends looking for new ways of approaching things. Do not ignore the words of others.

Rune Naudhiz, Nauthiz or Naudiz

No one and nothing is perfect. Realizing your mistakes is the first step to change. Overcoming the aversion to your negative side towards others will keep you away from self-deception. It will allow you to relax and move on more sincerely. It is a rune of reflection.

If it falls inverted, it encourages you to face challenges with perseverance and determination. Everything will pass!

Rune Kano, Ken, kanaz or kaunaz

Describes progress on a path without obstacles thanks to your intuition. You will have the security you need to face new emotional challenges.

If it is inverted, it indicates that you must force yourself to get out of your passivity to solve material and emotional problems.

Rune Hagalaz

Change is important so that you can continue to grow. Don’t resist in this time of crisis and look at it as an opportunity for progress. If you succeed, you become a new being. Embrace change and appreciate your current resources.

There is no interpretation if you fall into a reverse position.

Rune Berkana

You will enjoy great stability to protect your friends and loved ones. You show a great capacity to generate and spread love.

Conversely, it shows that you should not get attached to people and situations. In this way, you can grow and let others. recognize your value and your needs!

Rune Tyr, Teiwaz or Tiwaz

It is time to take action and express your determination to achieve what you have planned.

On the contrary, this rune advises you to think about the situation before taking any action, saying what you shouldn’t do or buying something you can’t afford. You must be prudent.

Rune Isa

Maintain stability in the face of unstable environments and people. If your work and relationships are failing, believe in yourself because they can unbalance you.

Stay away from bad influences, listen to your inner self and move on. If you try to stand firm, you will become stronger.

There is no interpretation if it falls in the reverse position.

Rune Gebo

Teamwork will benefit you a lot. This is a good time to open yourself to love and relationships. Celebrate generous sharing.

Its inverted form is not always understood, as it is a very symmetrical rune.

Rune Raidho

Don’t be overwhelmed by the prospect of a change of direction and travel. If you feel the need to withdraw to reflect, that’s normal. Once you get over your initial rejection, all will be well.

In the inverted position, this rune advises you to step away for a moment to clarify your ideas, in the face of emotional crises. Analyze your situation and then act, you will be right!

Rune Thurizaz

Indicates a new beginning. Open your heart completely, accept changes and free yourself from obsolete ideas. In this way, you will fully enjoy your new stage in life.

If it appears the other way around, this rune advises you not to show an excessive desire for new things, nor fear of the unknown. Be brave and realistic!

Rune Ehwaz, Eh or Eoh

You don’t always have the strength to follow through on what you undertake. Take advantage of this impulse and act with openness and respect.

Conversely, predict that your plans will be interrupted or delayed. Realize that everything has an end and when one phase ends or the next begins.

Don’t give up, because if you know how to breathe, you will accumulate the necessary strength to keep going.

Rune Ansuz

Trust your creativity, your signs and your synchronicity. They will bring you great benefits. Trust the advice of family and friends.

When it appears reversed, beware of overconfidence and self-deception. Pay attention to overspending and think about the curtain that prevents you from seeing beyond it.

Rune Perdhro

Luck, prosperity and inner transformation are very positive aspects revealed by this rune.

If it appears upside down, it invites you to overcome feelings of dissatisfaction. Only by looking inside you will you know where it is and you will be able to have a more sincere relationship with yourself.

Rune Dagaz

If you can integrate the opposites within yourself, you will have significant innovation and evolution. You will gain more freedom and maturity. This personal, professional and relational balance require perseverance – don’t lose track!

Rune Eihwaz

At this point, you have the firmness and stability you need to act. If so, now is a good time to realize what you have set out to do. You are in a good moment.

It has no inverted position, but it comes with negative runes that require you to stop and think before you act.

Rune Algiz

Even if you are protected, do not trust others blindly. You risk giving yourself to the wrong person and suffer emotional and professional setbacks.
Learn to say “no” and express your needs, especially in business.

If you don’t, they may take advantage of your goodwill and your energy levels will decrease.

Conversely, avoid becoming overconfident. Your advice is to save energy.

Rune Othila, Othala, Odal

If you want to move forward, you just have to act differently. Open your heart to creativity and what you need to achieve happiness will manifest.

In the inverted position, this rune asks you to think about what keeps you from being flexible.

Rune Sigel, Sowelo, Sowilu

With the thunderous power of strong will, you will be able to manifest the unthinkable. Your strong inner energy will allow you to have moments of revelation and understanding that will allow you to progress. Enjoy this shot!

There is no reverse position.

Rune Laguz

Means that you are a happy person and that you know how to connect with yourself and with your inner resources. You must find moments to be with nature.

Inverted, it speaks of a tendency to isolate yourself. It suggests that you should ask for help and know how to appreciate other perspectives.

Rune Inguz

You have the resources to develop, showcase and launch new projects. Interpersonal communication skills will help you achieve your goals.

Although there is no inverse position, this rune may advise you to reconsider your relationship with family, home and love. Togetherness will take you far!

Rune Uruz

There is nothing wrong with being creative and having an intense sex life. However, too much can lead to decreased energy and mental distraction. Only then can you control your energy and attend to other important matters in your life.

Rune empty or Odin
Empty (White)

Everything that begins has an end and everything that ends has a beginning. This rune teaches you to accept what is inevitable in life.

It also encourages us to look beyond our existential beliefs and desires. It shows us that what is happening is neither negative nor positive. Exceed your expectations!

With information from Terra Chile