Moles on the palm of the hand

Moles on the palm of the hand,

According to palmistry, a practice that predicts the future by analyzing the lines and features of the hands, moles on the palm have meaning and, depending on where they have developed, can reveal information about a person’s personality and future.

Meaning of having moles on the palm

The location of them is crucial, as it can portend good or bad fortune.

Having them on the fingers is not the same as having them near the lifeline. There is an intriguing perspective for every situation.

Moles on the palm of the hand,

Lifeline moles

The lifeline is the line that curves down towards the wrist between the thumb and forefinger. A mole indicates fortune, money and abundance, although there may also be some lethargy and a propensity for illness.

Moles on the headline

The headline is the line that horizontally “divides” the palm. A mole there indicates a propensity to experience nervous diseases, but also shows a person’s knowledge.

Moles on the line of destiny

The line from the wrist to the middle finger represents your future lot in life. There may be something that may hinder your success, so you will have to try harder if you have a mole there.

Moles on the heart line

The heart line, which runs from the little finger to the index finger, lets you know your capacity to love, as well as how you express your emotions. The presence of moles around it denotes difficulty in making the right choices for your life.

Moles on the fingers

  • Moles on the index finger: although you can be a leader, a mole on this finger denotes a restriction in your intrinsic leadership abilities.
  • Mole middle finger: implies that you will experience a variety of legal processes throughout your life.
  • Moles angular finger: the mole on this finger is a sign of achievement, notoriety and recognition.
  • Moles thumb finger: speaks of a sensual individual who has unusual sexual behavior.
  • Little finger moles: indicates that you may have difficulty understanding your children.

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