Miracle of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Arauco, Argentina

Miracle of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Arauco, Argentina, InfoMistico.com

In January 2013, the small town of Arauco in La Rioja, Argentina, witnessed a miraculous event that shocked the community: the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe began to cry. The Ocampo family, owners of the image, saw this phenomenon occur repeatedly, especially in the presence of their daughter Gimena.

Mystery of the Tears of the Virgin of Guadalupe

The Ocampo family of Arauco encountered a moving scene in their home: the image of the Ever Virgin Saint Mary of Guadalupe shed tears. This event initially manifested before Gimena, one of the daughters of the couple, 15 years old.

Each time she touched the image, it would cry again. The peculiarity of this phenomenon caused hundreds of people to come to their home to witness the miracle.

Traveling from La Rioja to Arauco, a distance of almost 120 kilometers, became a peaceful pilgrimage, guided by the mountains, the wind, and the sun. Upon arriving at the Ocampo house, the fourth from the entrance to the La Merced neighborhood, visitors encountered simplicity and an always open door, qualities that deeply resonated with the Mother of the Lord.

Inside the house, in a corner of what would be the foyer of a humble home, was the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on a small table, flanked by a vase of white flowers and surrounded by simple chairs. Visitors, impacted by the miracle, expressed their amazement and gratitude, considering the event a blessing and a unique moment.

Virgin Cries in Gimena’s Presence

The phenomenon of the tears of the Virgin of Guadalupe manifested several times a day, but always in Gimena’s presence.

When the young girl noticed that the image was crying, she shyly informed those waiting outside that the miracle was happening. The visitors, in response, observed the image in silence, immersed in their thoughts and then anointed their foreheads or chests with the tears.

After experiencing this, visitors unanimously recognized the event as a miracle, expressing disbelief and gratitude towards the Ocampo family. Logical explanations, religion and faith were set aside before a profound feeling that arose when reason could not comprehend the phenomenon. Visitors simply gave thanks and prayed, facing a mystery that deeply touched their hearts.

In this atmosphere of faith and mystery, the Ocampo family was always willing to receive every visitor, kindly answering the repeated questions of each new pilgrim who arrived at their home.

Extraordinary Manifestations of the Virgin

The Virgin of Guadalupe not only shed tears from her eyes but also from her body, hands and feet.

Those who dared to taste the tears claimed they were salty, “like real tears,” leaving no room for doubt about the authenticity of the phenomenon.

Before the image, people gathered to pray and request blessings from the young Gimena, who only expressed her gratitude and often wrote down the requests in an improvised notebook. She then cut the page and left it near the image, as a gesture of respect and connection with the devotion of the visitors.

As they left, the visitors repeated their thanks and reminded others that they were always welcome in that house, creating an atmosphere of shared hospitality and faith.

Reflections and Meaning of the Miracle

In the Ocampo household, few questioned why this phenomenon occurred; they simply accepted it. Gimena, though not used to speaking to the press, shared with a smile that her family, consisting of her six siblings and her parents, Elena and her husband, had always maintained a simple faith.

An image of the Virgin, purchased from a vendor in Salta, had been in their home for a year and a half without being formally blessed, although they would occasionally light candles and pray to it.

When Gimena first saw the Virgin cry, she was left speechless. Since then, each time she touched the image, it cried with her. The young girl expressed her bewilderment and the feeling of being “like in the air,” trusting that the Virgin wanted to communicate something, though she was unsure why her home was chosen for this message.

These kinds of miracle stories reflect the human need to find meaningful spiritual connections. Miracles are not just supernatural events; they also represent human transformation and evolution through the impact of faith symbols on those who contemplate them. They reveal the character and plans of God for the world and as Gimena notes, the Virgin in her Guadalupe devotion surely has a message for the inhabitants of Arauco and La Rioja.

Opening the heart to understand what specific message is being conveyed remains the challenge, especially in a year that still has much to reveal.

The story of the miracle of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Arauco is a testament to the transformative power of faith. Virgin’s tears have united the community and attracted people from all over, seeking hope and comfort. The Ocampo family, with their hospitality and devotion, has shared this miracle with the world, inviting everyone to experience a moment of deep spirituality and reflection on the meaning of these extraordinary events.