Bird according to Feng Shui

Bird according to Feng Shui,

For Feng Shui, birds are bearers of good news, they augur growth, prosperity and good fortune. Birds are bearers of good news, they augur growth, prosperity and good fortune. Depending on their placement in the home, they can attract love and recognition and even promote the fidelity of the couple.

Meaning of bird according to Feng Shui

Phoenix Bird

Placing a Phoenix in the South coordinate attracts powerful protective energies for the home. It also activates fame and recognition.

The Phoenix Bird, a symbol of power, prestige and authority, is ideal to place in the South of the office especially when you want to obtain greater recognition in your professional career. According to feng shui, birds are considered celestial messengers.

Mandarin Ducks

They symbolize fidelity and union. To encourage the union of the couple there is nothing better than placing a pair of mandarin ducklings in the home.

Birds are also used in Feng Shui to grant wishes. A bird with a chain in its beak will hold the wish we want to fulfill. For example, selling a car.

Raptors such as eagles or hawks (in the picture) always represent health and good fortune. If you are in positions of power, heads of state, the military should put an eagle in the South coordinate.

Owls represent the teacher

This means that very important teaching will come into your life. It means that you will have good intuition to make decisions. Having an Owl in your home brings creativity.

Although bats are not exactly birds, these mammals are very auspicious. They represent happiness, prosperity and happy life. If they appear in our house it is a very auspicious omen!

What it means to see Birds

  • When birds fly towards you it is a positive sign, if they fly in the opposite direction it means an opportunity went out of your hands.
  • If you see a bird flying upwards it is a good sign.
  • Birds singing in the morning bring good news.
  • If birds make a nest in your garden, it is a very, very positive sign that means you will get riches and prosperity will come to your home.
  • A single black bird means important news.
  • Two birds represent that love will come to you.
  • A flock of birds suggests that a new member of your family may arrive.

What is the difference between an injured bird and a healthy one?

An injured bird means being alert, driving slowly and being careful the rest of the day. If many birds sing together in your garden it means you will have many social engagements. They will attract abundance into your life.

Birds by Color

  • Seeing a bluebird represents a promotion at work.
  • A white bird represents healing, if someone near you is sick it may mean that the person will soon recover.
  • A yellow bird represents sudden health, or a positive surprise (for example, a pregnancy).
  • A bird with some red feathers represents honor or a reward that will come your way.

With information from Ana Maria Balarezo