José Gregorio Hernández: Advancing Towards Canonization

José Gregorio Hernández: Advancing Towards Canonization,

The figure of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández vibrates profoundly in Venezuela’s collective consciousness. Nearly a century after his passing, his enduring legacy as the ‘doctor of the poor’ is honored, and the anticipation of his beatification remains alive in the hearts of many Venezuelans. As they await a miracle, his journey towards canonization continues.

On the Path to Sainthood: José Gregorio Hernández and the Venezuelan Hope

Within the Venezuelan people’s hearts throbs a profound gratitude and reverence for a symbolic figure: Dr. José Gregorio Hernández.

Ninety-four years after his demise, this esteemed ‘doctor of the poor’ persists as a beacon of faith and hope. Venezuelans eagerly await the miracle that will elevate them to sainthood.

José Gregorio Hernández: Awaiting Another Miracle for Canonization

Faith, as it is often said, can move mountains. The Venezuelan people, however, are awaiting a distinct kind of movement: the beatification of the Venerable Servant of God, José Gregorio Hernández. His remains, held within the Nuestra Señora La Candelaria Church, lay in repose, awaiting a divine event that will affirm what the people already believe beyond doubt: his sainthood.

Today, June 29, marks 94 years since a tragic incident claimed the life of the physician who had become an emblem of a nation’s identity, a nation yearning for his beatification.

The Case for José Gregorio Hernández from a Vatican Perspective

Monsignor Fernando Castro, the Auxiliary Bishop of Caracas and Vicepostulator of José Gregorio Hernández’s case before the Vatican, underscores the universal acknowledgment of Dr. Hernández’s sanctity. Nevertheless, he indicates the need for a verifiable miracle to solidify his beatification, a miracle that, he suggests, could occur at any moment.

“We must present a miracle and secure its approval from the corresponding commissions of the Holy See, arguing that it defies human explanation and is a direct result of José Gregorio’s intercession with God,” explains the ecclesiastical spokesperson.

Investigating Reported Miracles Attributed to José Gregorio Hernández

In this regard, Monsignor Castro noted that the commission responsible for investigating Hernández’s case is scrutinizing six potential miracles reported in Venezuela. Without revealing specifics, he emphasized the crucial role of witnesses and other participants in this process.

At the core of this mission, he stressed, is a collaborative group known as the Friends of Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez. This non-profit organization is committed to collecting testimonies, and information, and organizing events, with the hope of hearing a verdict that will elevate the sainthood of the beloved doctor.

The Friends of Doctor José Gregorio Hernández operate out of the Church of Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria, located in downtown Caracas, and are tasked with processing, preserving, and scrutinizing each artifact associated with the revered José Gregorio.