Hostal de la Luz Spa Holistic Resort

Hostal de la Luz Spa Holistic Resort,

Amatlán’s unparalleled landscape, high vibrational underground energies, and the magic and wisdom of Quetzalcóatl’s birthland converge to create Hostal de Luz, nestled in a unique environment.

Hostal de la Luz Spa Holistic Resort, Mexico

Since its inception, this haven has strived to provide a sanctuary of peace, health, beauty, and harmony, reconnecting individuals with their true essence: a spiritual being of Light.

A paradise where energy manifests in every corner, constantly seeking a balance between mind and body.

Indulge in physical and mental well-being through body and facial treatments applied by skilled hands in a space where rich scents of essential oils, soft music, and advanced technology products envelop you in a mystic ambiance.

Enjoy this beautiful and magical holistic adventure in a place unlike any other. Achieve internal harmony and peace through various disciplines, activities, and meditations, making your stay a special and delightful experience.


A pre-Hispanic steam bath using herbs for detoxifying the body and mind.

“Temazcalli,” meaning bathhouse in Nahuatl, is a purification ritual utilized in Aztec, Maya, Olmec, Zapotec, and various other cultures worldwide.

In this magical enclosure, we enter the womb of Mother Earth, and through a purification ceremony led by an authentic shaman from Amatlán, our bodies are cleansed not just of toxins, but also of emotions disrupting our physical and spiritual equilibrium.

Initiatory Purification Bath

Hostal de la Luz introduces a globally unique therapy. Your skin embraces the warmth of energized water from the Ferrite-rich underground, while your body rests comfortably on a large quartz surrounded by river stones.

The water’s changing lights offer Chromotherapy benefits, your ears delight in Music therapy aligned with each of your Chakras, and your sense of smell enjoys the pleasant aromas of aromatherapy.

During this, your gaze is captivated by the majestic Tepozteco mountain range. Dare to purify each of your senses, embarking your soul on a journey to eternity.


Meditation is a personal experience of calming the mind, emotions, and senses. It can be practiced alone or in a group.

Its ultimate goal is to enlighten the mind and open the heart with compassion and unconditionality.


The term Yoga, a Sanskrit word, signifies union or connection. Through various postures and synchronized psychophysical exercises with breathing, practitioners experience an integration of body, mind, and soul, as well as a sense of unity with all life.

Chi Kung

Chi refers to the vital breath, the energy animating the universe and particularly humans. Kung signifies work.

Chi Kung means working with vital energy. It stems from older techniques known as Dao Yin. The Chinese Ministry of Health officially recognized Chi Kung’s therapeutic interest and recommended its practice. Chi flows through the body via channels and meridians.

Chi nourishes defends, and cleanses the organism. For the body to remain healthy, Chi must circulate without obstructions.

Mountain Walk

Amatlán, part of the “unknown Mexico,” is a historical site. The valley’s intimacy has preserved the hospitality and affection of its inhabitants towards visitors.

Some points of interest accessible with our guides include the cave paintings, Quetzalcóatl’s pool, and El Mirador.

Labyrinth Walk

The labyrinths at Hostal de la Luz are designed for a slow, breath-synchronized walk. Choosing the Pyramid Labyrinth, you’ll reach the center, passing through the four cardinal points in a contemplative state.

Walking the Chartres Labyrinth, located in the Jardín de la Luz, achieves synchronization of both brain hemispheres, leading to a heightened state of consciousness.

More than a hotel, it’s a destination for reconnecting with your true essence.

Respectful of its environment, ecology, and especially humanity, the Dalai Lama named it a global peace site during his 2006 visit to Mexico.

This magical place, traditionally believed to be Quetzalcóatl’s birthplace, awaits just an hour from Mexico City. Enjoy a beautiful and magical holistic adventure.

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