Santa Claus really exists!

Papá Noel / Santa Claus

Santa Claus? No way, no adult in the world holds him in high esteem! But when they arrive in Finland, everyone is surprised to see the old man with a thick white beard, somewhat prominent belly and friendly demeanor sitting in his office. He is in person, celebrating Christmas.

Fear of conflict psychology

Miedo al Conflicto / Fear of Conflict

There are different strategies and ways of expressing emotions, not without consequences for the situation or each person. Reacting aggressively to a conflict can lead to inciting new ones. Avoiding it to get rid of the problem will continue the behavior that originally caused the conflict.

Guardian angels exist

ángeles de la guarda / guardian angels

Guardian angels exist, even if they don’t have wings, blond hair, or the appearance of never having broken a dish. By examining a statistical anomaly, a group of Russian mathematicians concluded that there were fewer passengers than normal on crashed ships, trains and planes.

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