Differentiate between angels and spirit guides

Differentiate between angels and spirit guides, InfoMistico.com

You have access to an infinite number of spiritual mentors and resources throughout your life. In addition to your angels, there are countless other aids known as “spirit guides” on the “other side”…

What differentiates angels from spirit guides?

They are as diverse as the individuals in your life and are available to help you in a variety of ways in the short and long term.

Your spirit guides are your army of volunteers, ready to work effectively alongside you when you choose to call upon them, just as your angels are your guardians and foot troops.

It is natural for numerous questions to arise when the subject of spirit guides comes up and these questions can be very specific depending on the guides in question.

Angels and spirit guides

Between angels and spirit guides there are several significant distinctions. Among these are their familiarity – or lack thereof – with the human form that fulfills their function in our lives, their dedication to their task and their preferred means of contacting us.

For example, while spirit guides have been to earth at least once, angels never have. Therefore, they do not fully understand the unique trials and tribulations we humans go through.

Consequently, they support us when we need them, inspire and help us and also show us how to cultivate our spirit and master our human creativity.

When we need them

There is a distinction between the angels, to whom God has given the divine duty to care for us twenty-four hours a day, from the beginning of our lives to the end.

Their influence we experience constantly (whether we are aware of it or not), as well as spirit guides who, though completely at our disposal, cannot serve or guide us without our permission.

They can (and often do) get our attention and intervene to ask for our help, but they must respect our privacy and cannot enter without our permission.

Being very close to God

Angels protect us, inspire us and give us energy and power.

However, although they can influence us through our consciousness, they do not usually give us direct advice or instructions as our spirit guides do. Angels have a much higher frequency than guides and are very easy to connect with.

Who are spirit guides?

It should come as no surprise that our spirit guides have come back to help us because most of them are creatures who have spent at least part of their existence here on Earth.

Some of them may relate to us, as they have encountered comparable difficulties in their mundane lives and want to help ease our path.

Others may appear to help us with specific jobs or projects because they were experts in the field in which we are working or are interested in a previous life.

Spirit guides

Our deceased family members can also serve as our spirit guides if they choose to remain in contact with us on the spiritual plane and provide us with advice and support.

Similarly, certain spirits who may have collaborated on significant spiritual projects or relationships with us in a previous incarnation may choose to do so again in this one to further enhance our souls.

There are also spiritual teachers – some of the most significant guides – who point us toward the development of our souls by guiding us in understanding our true spiritual nature.

In addition to all these magnificent beings, your Higher Self, who is as attractive and enlightened as any other guide who comes to meet you, can materialize as a guide to help you.

Where do they come from?

Considering that spirit guides come from a wide variety of realms and energy fields, the answer to this question is somewhat convoluted.

Some of them have never had a physical body, but they join the earth’s field from other galaxies and solar systems and connect with us to help us maintain the balance and harmony of the planet.

How many spirit guides do we have?

The number of books a person can access at one time is thirty-three (excluding angels). However, a person can connect with any number of guides, if they can raise their vibration and expand their consciousness.

A guide can be a healer, a helper, a teacher, a runner, a connection from a previous life, a relative, a higher entity from another galaxy, or even an animal.

You have the right to simply ask for guidance from higher beings and when you do, you are not obligated to follow any advice offered that you do not find acceptable. Your life will be better the more receptive you are to your mentors and their guidance. The sole purpose of guides is to provide you with their help.

Guides are better than others

You must not forget that some guides are better than others, so it is important to make sure that you are working with the most qualified.

Incarnate or not, we are all on a journey to higher consciousness and we must remember that just because someone has become a spirit and wishes to serve as a guide does not necessarily mean that they have the clarity to guide us.

You must be aware of your intentions before you connect with your guides. One of the reasons people have difficulty relating to them or perceiving their presence is that they are too eager to change their life completely.

Higher spirit guides

Higher spirit guides will never give you directions; rather, they will only offer you ideas because their souls are higher and genuinely want you to succeed.

For their part, higher spirit guides are aware that they cannot control your life in any way (and you should not allow them to!), as you are in an “earth-level spiritual school” to learn how to reclaim your divine creative power.

With information from the book ” Ask your guides by Sonia Choquette