Coccyx Biodescodification

Coccyx Biodescodification,

In the third embryonic stage, movement/valorization, the coccyx develops. It is related to the rectum because the opening of the rectal sphincter is possible thanks to its movement.

Coccyx according to Biodescodification — Emotional Conflicts

  • Conflict: place in the family and the clan; sexual identity; altered sex. exclude; leave out.
  • “I have replaced a boy or they wanted me to be a girl”, the person resents. Where should I sit and where should I squat (within the family)?

Physical blockage of the coccyx

The most common problem is pain experienced with stationary sitting.

Emotional coccyx block

The coccyx, which is located at the base of the spine, symbolizes our fundamental desires. Coccyx pain patients are preoccupied with meeting their basic needs and lack faith in help from the universe. She wants someone to take care of her but does not want to admit that she is dependent.

If coccyx pain only occurs when she sits, she may feel terrible about doing it alone and crave help. To hide her dependence, she then wants to act very animated in front of other people.

She is also likely to feel bad about sitting when others are working or sitting for leisure activities such as going to the movies alone or signing up for a course. She believes that others are dependent on her because she is a dependent person.

Coccyx mental block

The first step is for you to become more aware of your thoughts and understand that you need someone to take care of you because you lack confidence in the universe and yourself.

What’s wrong with recognizing that just because you currently want to be taken care of doesn’t mean you will always be that way?

You will be more dependent the more you reject that you are a dependent person. Saying that it is only a transitory condition will provide you with the freedom to be as you want to be because, as everything in life changes, so will this inner attitude of yours. This demonstrates self-love.

It is essential to check if this is true before deciding that others are dependent on you and that you cannot enjoy yourself without their presence or permission. Regardless of the answer, this stage will allow everyone to communicate their unique demands.

With information from Monsalud Luque