Stroke Biodescodification

Stroke Biodescodification,

Stroke has two distinct forms: – Ischemic stroke or cerebral infarction: ischemia (a significant decrease in blood flow) in the brain, abnormally abrupt. Hemorrhagic stroke, stroke, or cerebral hemorrhage: bleeding caused by the rupture of a cerebral vessel.

Stroke Biodescodification — How emotions affect us

At present, cerebrovascular diseases are one of the most important public health problems. They are the third leading cause of death in the Western world, the leading cause of permanent disability among adults and one of the main causes of neurological deficit in the elderly.

Brain damage is a rupture in the patient’s life trajectory and, due to its high health care cost, it conditions family, social and institutional situations.

Stroke Symptoms

Symptoms are varied, such as:

  • Facial paralysis is paralysis of a limb on one side of the body
  • Blindness, or visual disturbances
  • Violent headaches
  • Dizziness falls
  • Difficulties of expression and comprehension, etc.

What emotional conflict am I experiencing?

If I am having a stroke, I have necessarily experienced or am experiencing an emotional conflict, related to very great stress that has led me to think that it is better to die…

This, combined with a somewhat lesser conflict related to loss of territory in which I have felt devalued concerning a member of the clan.

Stroke – the elements that cause it

  • Huge stress motivates me more to die than to live.
  • Loss of territory.
  • Devaluation for having made a bad choice, for having made a wrong decision, because of or to please a family member.

Stroke is a very common problem among people who have retired because they have lost their job (territory), to start a new life at home, but where they are no longer as valued as they were in their job.

People no longer feel that they occupy or have an important place in the family because the family has become accustomed to living without them. They feel that they have lost the reason to live, that there is no longer any motivation to get up every day, etc.

Stories to look for will be very similar to:

  • My wife asks me to retire (loss of territory) and I do it (devaluation to wife) and now no one pays attention to me at home (I made a bad decision).
  • I decide not to buy insurance for my house (bad decision), they break in (loss of territory) and now my family claims me (devaluation).

Emotional conflicts of devaluation can lead to a stroke

  • Intellectual, not being able to confront someone intellectually.
  • Not having realized something secret, hidden.
  • Fear of having thought wrong, acted wrong, done wrong.

Stroke Symbolism

The stroke symbolically represents a need to flee, to flee from life, to flee so that no one will claim me, to flee because I feel that I am no longer worth anything. It could be taken as a kind of surrender, to stop fighting.

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