Biodecoding: Deciphering Emotions in the Toes

Biodecoding: Deciphering Emotions in the Toes,

The toes of our feet, small parts of our body, carry complex stories of our emotional and family life. Biodecoding teaches us to read these stories, understanding that each toe represents different areas of our life, from our sense of worth to the way we communicate and defend our territory.

Biodecoding of fingers and toes — Emotional conflicts

This perspective not only changes the way we see our feet but also offers a path to emotional healing, inviting us to reflect on our relationships and how they influence our physical well-being.

The feet and toes themselves serve as a metaphor for a variety of aspects of our lives that are not always understood and can lead to suffering.

Let’s start at the beginning because it is preferable to find the emotional causes to improve awareness instead of just listening or reading about solutions without understanding what happened or occurred.

By doing this, we will begin to “think” more as biodecoders rather than as simple “patients” of a condition or symptom. A particular section of our brain controls all the organs and tissues of the body.

New Mesoderm

In this case, the new mesoderm – a white substance that responds to the sensations of movement and value – is the origin of all our toes.

This implies that if we -any of us- do not feel valuable, courageous, capable, or powerful, with our self-esteem sky-high, we will not be able to improve, grow, evolve, achieve, catch, win, overcome and conquer, among other things.

We can easily show one or several problems on our toes, depending on our experiences.


We also know that humans act by biological, animal and symbolic instincts, so we must study everything around us from that “not so real”, “not so everyday” perspective.

Thus, the toes could represent “claws”, flexible claws that allow us to grip the ground and move forward by impulse. They provide us with traction that helps us to move forward. At the same time, those toes, those metaphorical claws, act like little roots that help us cling to Mother Earth.

Hey, mom? Exactly!

Our feet, our foot

They will always represent the mother, our mother: the mother who gave us life, the mother who raised us, the mother who left us, the mother who gave us to others, the mother who loves us, or the mother who despises us.

The mother is the feet

If my foot and toes are linked… and my foot represents my mother, it follows that any unfulfilled, unfulfilled, sad, unhappy, non-positive maternal function will somehow affect both my feet and my toes, figuratively, of course.

Let’s imagine that my foot is a glass full of “nutritious” liquid and my toes are straws used to sip from it. It will be critical for me to assess how things are going with my mother objectively, sensibly and detachedly if I have toe problems.

But it should not be assumed that my mother is solely to blame for my woes; my feet and toes are also a representation of me as the mother of my children. Therefore, I must pay close attention to my surroundings.

Let’s examine each one separately to better understand what is wrong with me and how to change and resolve it.

Hallux, or big toe

The first toe we should talk about is the big toe, which is nothing more than “My Mother” once again.

The big toe is Mom, end of the story. There is nothing more to look for or discover. Mom is big toe (my mother or else me as the mother of my children.) And what other factor can carry as much weight as my mother?

My ego…

Therefore, my big toe will equally embody any ego-related emotion. Also, balance is a crucial thing. We can further investigate our big toe because it allows us to maintain our balance and supports us during every stride we take.

The inner portion of the big toe, the one that “touches” the toe behind and attaches it to our foot, will always speak to us about material issues (about the mother, remember).

My mother may constantly ask me for money, I may feel obligated to give it to her, she may expect more from me than I can afford, maybe nothing I do or get is good enough for her, etc.

Every time I have a similar encounter, I run the risk of developing blisters, cracking the skin, or always having that area of the big toe dry.

A portion of the outside of the big toe

Let’s now examine the outside of my big toe. The nail containment area of my big toe rubs against the shoe, sock, sole and other components of the shoe.

When there are emotional problems with my mother, the outside of my big toe will always be affected. Even the fact that my big toe bone is malformed, crooked and hiding behind the toe next to it.

If my big toe is not healthy and normal, it will mean that I have emotional problems with my mother or with myself as the mother of my children.

Digitus secundus pedis or toe two

Let’s move on to the finger that follows my big toe, sometimes referred to as toe 2.

This finger will always serve as a visual representation of all the people close to me and my generation, including my brothers, sisters, cousins, current and former partners, boyfriends, current and former lovers, husbands and wives. It symbolizes my eagerness to accumulate, which is another metaphorical idea.

However, this is more to our propensity to not resolve disagreements with people and, instead, to accumulate them. Carrying several issues at once without resolving any of them. In Biodescodification we will refer to these people as “Collaterals”.

The disagreements, disputes, or arguments with them; the bad communications; the distancing; the economic problems; the feeling of being oppressed by them; the living giving explanations to these collaterals; the lack of communication with them; and the frictions with them.

I will break my second toe whenever one of my collaterals is not in an “ideal” situation.

It will always imply that the relationship with my collaterals is not right, regardless of how it develops, wriggles, squirms, hides, hurts, or thunders, or whether it develops calluses, blisters, or dark skin.

So I will have to evaluate my relationships, communication, acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness and other behaviors. Because I still feel some emotion about it.

Toe 3

The third toe is now all that is left on my foot.

If I don’t know how to communicate well with others, if I have never learned how to do it, if I have never succeeded in doing it, or even if I think my communication style is inadequate, wrong, etc., this toe will always be problematic.

Maybe I never express what I think or what I feel; maybe I always say what I think others want to hear and refrain from communicating forcefully. Maybe I cause misunderstandings because I never know how to explain myself or because I misinterpret others’ words.

I take criticism from others personally. Maybe I dislike following orders, or maybe I dislike being told what to do.

Therefore, I must review the area of communication in my life if I have any problems in finger 3 and simply “change”, react differently, behave differently and speak differently.

Finger 4, or annular finger

Let’s move on to our number 4, often referred to as the ring finger. That ring finger will always represent resentment, envy issues, jealousy, fury, anger, rage, irritation and so on.

Everything that bothers me, everything that makes me angry or enraged, I have to keep in mind every time we experience a problem with that finger.

It may be a situation at home, at school, or at work where I feel unfairly rated or evaluated. Perhaps there is some misconception that I have not been able to clear up or resolve that has caused people to dislike me or have negative thoughts about me.

Perhaps I have been accused of something I have not done or said. I harbor resentment towards someone for what they did to me or I am envious of them.

I need to watch for tense instances of anger, “unforgiveness” and irritation. Similarly, I must evaluate whether I am possessive in my life and whether I constantly want others to act, think or feel a certain way.

I am impulsive, self-centered, envious and vindictive. I am capable of being deceitful, extortive, etc.

5 little finger

We have reached our smallest finger, which is naturally the most beautiful and delicate.

Despite its diminutive size, this finger represents something huge: “The Territory” and we already know that the territory encompasses “everything” in our life.

Our house, our spouse, our furniture, our children, our family, our jobs, our rooms, our beds, our shoes… are examples of our territory. Everything we identify as “ours” is a piece of land.

But what if I feel that I am losing territory, that I am in danger of losing some territory, that I haven’t taken good enough care of my territory, that I don’t appreciate my territory, etc.? I fear hurting my little toe.

It will be easy for my little toe to hide behind my other toes if I think I lack the character to stand up for what is mine, as that will be interpreted as a lack of courage to stand up for what is mine.

My little finger will hide if I don’t like to speak up in front of groups, stand up for what I think, if I am easily influenced or if I feel exposed. My pinky finger will be straighter and firmer if I feel I can defend my area.

Therefore, the emotions we experience daily and the connections we make with others will influence the health and strength of our toes, although the style of shoes we wear also has an influence.

It is easier to evaluate our environment and change what is detrimental to us if we are aware of what each toe symbolizes.

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