Benefits of apples for the health of the digestive system

Benefits of apples for the health of the digestive system,

Fiber is an essential nutrient found in fruits and vegetables and has been shown to be key to improving intestinal transit and preventing stomach discomfort. Among the most versatile foods in this regard the apple stands out.

How maintain the health of the digestive system with apples!

With its unique combination of fiber, water, minerals and essential nutrients, apples help maintain healthy, problem-free digestion. It acts as a regulator of intestinal transit, acting as a dual agent that is effective in cases of both decomposition and constipation.

Consuming unpeeled apples

When taking an unpeeled apple, its insoluble fiber content takes center stage, as these fibers do not dissolve in water and accelerate intestinal transit, generating a sweeping effect that helps cleanse toxins generated in the digestive process.

This process is essential to maintain your intestinal health and prevent problems such as constipation or the accumulation of toxic waste in the digestive system. Eating unpeeled apples is a good way to take advantage of their properties and keep your digestive system healthy and balanced.

It is important that you wash the apple well before eating it for hygienic reasons. In addition, this helps to remove any substances or residues that may be present on the surface of the fruit.

Consuming peeled apples

On the other hand, when you consume the peeled apple, pectin, a soluble fiber present in the pulp of the fruit, takes center stage. Pectin helps you retain fluids and contributes to the formation of the intestinal bolus. It absorbs colitis causing bacteria and allows you to recover minerals lost through excessive bowel movements.

Apples rich in tannins

The apple is one of the fruits richest in tannins, substances that are produced when the fruit oxidizes on contact with air. These tannins are more present in peeled and grated apples, especially.

Tannins have astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. However, they can increase the sensation of dryness in your mouth, so it is important to balance their consumption.

On the other hand, they have the ability to dry and deflate your intestinal mucosa, which is a layer that lines the inside of your digestive tract. These properties make apples a very effective food in the treatment of diarrhea.

Crucially, it is always advisable to consult a health professional before using any food as a treatment for a particular medical problem. Including apples in a balanced and varied diet can be an excellent way to get discoveries for your health.

How to keep apples fresh during the day?

The solution may lie in freezing. If you are away from home and want to enjoy a peeled apple, prepare bags with the fruit cut into cubes or portions and freeze them.

The apple does not lose its properties when frozen, so you can take it with you in your bag or backpack to enjoy it at any time. The apple is an indispensable ally to maintain balance in your body and support the most tireless worker, your digestive system.