Angels don’t help if you don’t ask

Angels don’t help if you don’t ask,

The luminous entities, heavenly beings full of light and love, deeply respect the freedom of human beings. They only intervene in those who invite them because they recognize that they have no right to impose themselves on any creature.

The Influence of Angels: how to invoke their help and transform your life

If they aren’t asked for help, they won’t get in. Even in situations where humans are under the influence of dark entities, angels, beings of high vibration who observe humanity, make an important statement:

“Angels don’t help if you don’t ask them”

This statement reveals the essence of the relationship between divine beings and human beings. Angels, who represent divine energies respect the autonomy and free will of each individual. They recognize that they cannot impose their presence or intervention in someone’s life without their consent.

This understanding reflects their deep respect for human freedom.

In contrast, evil spirits don’t respect people’s boundaries or choices. They are invasive and take advantage of any opportunity to enter without authorization. Here lies one of the main differences between luminous and dark spirits: luminous beings expect their hearts and minds to be opened.

When human beings consciously invite these luminous entities they experience great joy. They see in the person an awakened being and sing songs of joy. “Finally, we, the powers of Heaven, can enter into these souls, help them, work with them!”, they express with gratitude.

They inspire lofty thoughts, feelings of love and acts of kindness. Its influence extends to every word spoken.

In our daily lives, what we really need is to develop clairvoyance that integrates the intellect with the heart. To understand with the mind and at the same time, to feel with the heart.

This deep connection allows us to open ourselves to the guidance of luminous beings and to experience the union of wisdom and love in our daily lives. It is through this connection that we become channels of light and transformation in the world.

Authentic Clairvoyance: A Conscious Look at the World and Within Us

Clarity of vision is achieved through the combination of sensitivity and understanding. Any other form of clairvoyance involves unnecessary risks.

Rather than resorting to cards, pendulums, coffee grounds or crystal balls, it would be more profitable to open our eyes to the visible world that offers us countless irrefutable signs.

When we face problems that require a solution, we must remember that Heaven has given us the ability to see, hear, think and draw conclusions through our brains as well as to love through our hearts.

The life we have received comes from God, and it is to Him that we must turn to restore its original purity. However, this thought often escapes the human mind. We spend our time wasting the life that God has given us satisfying our desires and ambitions.

When we are finally forced to take stock, we realize that we have lost almost everything to gain very little. We can compare a human being to a skyscraper: every floor of this building is occupied by inhabitants who need the energy to function.

It is essential to remember that our existence is interconnected with the divine and only when we align with that higher consciousness can we experience a life full of meaning and purpose.

We must wake up and take advantage of the gifts that have been given to us to rise to the highest and discover the essence of our true nature.

Awakening the faculties of the brain through inner evolution

In the complex structure of the human being, the last level of this building is the brain.

However, a question arises: what is left for the inhabitants of this level if the entire flow of life, the water that nourishes life, is intended only to nourish the inhabitants of the lower floors, to instincts, passions and selfish desires?

Up there, at the top, those inhabitants of the brain are helpless, sleepy, paralyzed and unable to generate anything significant.

True evolution lies in learning to direct energies towards the sublime regions of our being. In this way, these energies will awaken the latent capacities in brain cells faculties whose existence is not yet in sight.

It is imperative to understand that the brain has extraordinary potential that goes beyond what is known. It is a call to explore and unfold our higher faculties so that we can transcend the limits and discover the vastness of our own existence.

In this awakening, a new dimension of wisdom and knowledge is revealed, transforming our perception and allowing us to reach higher levels of consciousness.

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