Angel Number 45 Sehaliah

Angel Number 45 Sehaliah,

Number: 45
Tree of life: Tiphereth sphere and means “Beauty”
Meaning: “God who generates all things”
Planetary energies: Sun
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Zodiac Regency: 10° to 15° Scorpio, 13° Taurus, 25° Cancer, 5° Libra, 19° Sagittarius and 0° Pisces
Prince: Archangel Raphael
Regency hours: 14:40 to 15:00

Angel 45 Sehaliah: Prosperity Beyond Material Wealth

Angel Sehaliah emerges as a beacon of light in the pursuit of true prosperity, one that resonates with the soul and manifests in the world around us. It teaches us to create the right vessel to receive abundance at the appropriate time, integrating the unity of the higher and lower worlds. But, how does this guidance manifest in our daily lives?

Firstly, it is crucial to understand that Sehaliah does not simply promote the accumulation of material wealth. In fact, its focus lies in a prosperity aligned with our life purpose, one that allows us to be abundant without falling into the clutches of the ego. In this regard, the angel helps us to be in the “right place and time,” preparing us to receive what the universe has destined for us.

Furthermore, Sehaliah connects us with the true source of all wealth, happiness and well-being. This connection enables us to recognize that such blessings flow from a divine light, an immense love that envelops and permeates everything. Therefore, invoking Sehaliah is to open oneself to the possibility of healing from the inside out, working from the depths of the spirit to find balance and wholeness.

In moments of confusion or uncertainty, when the path seems to darken, Sehaliah acts as a beacon that illuminates our reincarnation, guiding us towards our true purpose. This guidance is invaluable, especially when emotions threaten to deviate us from our center. Here, the angel teaches us the art of detachment, keeping us connected with our divine essence and teaching us to face our fears and pride that limit our spiritual growth.

Nonetheless, the role of Sehaliah extends beyond personal growth. This angel becomes an ally when we feel the weight of the world upon us or when we face adversities. It confounds those who attempt to harm us and promotes intellectual growth, boosting our inspiration in the arts and discovery in the sciences for the benefit of all living beings.

In summary, Sehaliah embodies hope in dark moments, igniting the flame that shows us the way to the light. This angel holds a special connection with all living things, influencing those magical beings that protect nature and reminding us of our responsibility towards the world around us.

Invoking Sehaliah is, then, to seek the bridge between heaven and earth, aspiring to live a full life in tune with the universe. This journey invites us to discover the true meaning of abundance, one that is reflected not only in our material reality but also in the richness of our spirit.

How to invoke the Angel 45 Sehaliah (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 14:40 to 15:00
  • Regency Jewish calendar: Tishrei 24th to 28th 5785
  • Gregorian calendar regency: October 26 to 30, May 3, July 14, September 24, December 5 and February 15

Dates indicated refer to the year of regency approximately to the year 2024. The physical angel determines the position of the Sun by quinary (set of five degrees) in your birth chart. The emotional angel by the position of the sun by zodiac degree and the mental angel depends on the actual local time of birth. A precise calculation is needed. If you are interested in actually discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here

Angel Number 45 Sehaliah,

Hebrew Letter Angel Sehaliah

Angel Number 45 Sehaliah,


Livelihood and Money

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Psalm 33, Verse 22

Angel Number 45 Sehaliah,
May your great love, Lord, accompany us, as we expect from you.

The Magical Touch of Angel 45 Sehaliah: A Glimpse into Those Born Under His Regency

Imagine someone radiating happiness, one of those rare souls who doesn’t rely on the material to feel complete. Such are those born under the light of Angel Sehaliah. But what makes these individuals so special?

Those governed by Sehaliah are masters at finding joy in simple things. For them, true wealth is not in luxurious items, but in genuine moments and the warmth of human relationships.

Humility is not just a word for them; it’s a way of life. Their capacity for empathy and understanding makes them exceptionally affectionate beings, always ready to lend a helping hand.

They are lovers of life in all its forms. Their love for nature and humanity guides them to enjoy life’s best experiences, far from materialism and superficiality. For them, giving and receiving love is the ultimate expression of wealth.

Generosity, benevolence and spirituality are their pillars. They live to share, provide support and delve deeply into their spirituality, connecting with the world and its beings in a unique way.

Those ruled by Sehaliah have exquisite taste, especially in decoration. Their homes are often sanctuaries of beauty and harmony, with gardens reflecting their love for plants and animals.

Their knowledge is vast and they share it enthusiastically. Drawn to sacred scriptures and spiritual truths, they can experience profound revelations and precognitive dreams, guiding others toward recognizing the divine in everything.

They are masters of the divine on Earth. Their mission is to teach by example that divinity manifests in every aspect of creation. Their lives are a living reflection of this teaching.

Professionally, they excel in areas where they can be in constant contact with people, from charitable works to social rehabilitation. Their drive is not personal success but collective well-being.

For one born under Sehaliah, heaven and earth intertwine in their being. They are the living representation of the angelic realm in our world, touching lives and healing souls with their luminous presence.

Those born under the regency of Sehaliah are, in essence, beacons of light and love, showing with their existence that true happiness, peace and prosperity come from a generous spirit and an open heart.

Negative Aspects (Qliphoth Angel 45): King/Count Vine

He rules over 36 legions of demons, a formidable host that underscores his position and authority in the infernal realm. Additionally, his ability to build towers of protection on the astral plane highlights not only his constructive power but also his role as a protector and guardian for those who invoke him.

Equally important is his capability to destroy large walls, symbolizing obstacles or barriers that sorcerers face on their path. This destructive aspect, far from being negative, is better understood as a facet of liberation and advancement, removing what impedes spiritual or personal progress. Added to this, his power over the waters, manifesting in the creation of turbulence and tempests, symbolizes his dominion over emotions and the psychic, reflecting his capacity to stir or calm the waters of life as necessary.

On the other hand, Vine acts as a spiritual guide, particularly against those who may want to attack his followers. This guidance is not only protective but also enlightening, offering initiatory knowledge that deepens the practitioner’s understanding of the occult arts and their own spiritual path. Moreover, his unique ability to reveal the identity of other witches and sorcerers underscores his profound knowledge of hidden secrets and esoteric mysteries.

Vine is symbolically portrayed as a lion holding a snake in his hand and mounted on a black horse, an image loaded with symbolism. The lion, with its strength and authority, represents power and nobility, while the snake symbolizes hidden wisdom and renewal. The black horse, for its part, can be seen as a symbol of mystery and the unknown.

Legend of Sehaliah, the Angel of the Mountain

The Transformation of Pride

In the shadow of the mountains, Sehaliah, a young shepherd, watched over his sheep, hoping that the following year, despite his humble background, he might join the school. The other village children, educated from a young age, were unfamiliar with the young man’s simple and rustic life.

When the day finally came, Sehaliah entered the classroom timidly. Though he only recognized a few faces, he soon found himself surrounded by curious children eager to meet the legendary shepherd of the hills. Despite the warm welcome, there was still one prominent figure missing: the arrogant leader, Solel.

Upon his arrival, Solel, with a mocking smile, questioned Sehaliah about his lack of education, drawing laughter from the others. But the young shepherd did not let Solel’s pride intimidate him. Despite the continuous taunts, he followed his own path, rejecting Solel’s arbitrary leadership.

The true test of character came during a trip to the mountains. After a long journey, the group decided to camp in a clearing. With his own agenda, Solel persuaded some to venture further up the mountain. Sehaliah, with his mountaineer’s instinct, warned of the danger but was ignored.

The mountain’s silence was shattered by the growling of three hungry wolves, who quickly surrounded the group. Paralyzed by fear, all eyes turned to Solel, waiting for a solution. However, the leader, who had always been so confident, seemed more frightened than the rest.

At that critical moment, an unexpected melody rang through the air, disorienting the wolves. The children saw Sehaliah with his flute, drawing the beasts’ attention. Due to his courage and skill, the wolves retreated, leaving the group safe and sound.

Sehaliah’s humility and bravery earned him the respect of all, with many wishing for him to be their new leader. However, with a calm smile, he declined, reminding them that Solel remained their leader and could learn from the experience.

In time, Solel’s arrogance transformed. Grateful for the lesson in humility, he became a more understanding and kind leader, always remembering the day the humble shepherd taught him the true meaning of leadership.

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