Abduction Mysteries: Evidence and Theories

Abduction Mysteries: Evidence and Theories, InfoMistico.com

Tales from the farthest reaches of the globe confront us with a disturbing reality: since the dawn of our existence, countless individuals have been snatched from their surroundings by entities that appear to hail from other worlds.

The Abduction Phenomenon — Extraterrestrial Kidnappings

Transported in vessels of advanced technology, these beings meticulously inspected their captives before returning them to their original locations with almost no memory of the harrowing event. From that moment, the lives of these individuals are irrevocably changed.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of our peers, have experienced abduction by supposed beings from other planets, taken aboard spacecraft to undergo complex physical and mental manipulations for purposes that remain elusive to us.

American researchers John Schuessler, a NASA engineer, and Richard Niemtzow, an exobiologist, have documented at least one hundred and thirty cases of abductions.

These experts analyzed such incidents, looking for common patterns in the testimonies, and discovering a range of startling coincidences that lead us to consider the objectivity of these events.

The VISIT Project

This was the name given to the investigation by Schuessler and Niemtzow, which also sketched a profile of the most reported entities: humanoid beings with an average height of 1.20 meters, large heads, elongated eyes, gray skin, and long upper limbs. Their work outlined the recurring elements in genuine abduction narratives.

On the other hand, folklorist Thomas E. Bullard in a comprehensive study of three hundred and nine cases, showed that these events follow a remarkably orderly sequence, highlighting eight key phases: capture, examination, conference, tour, travel to other worlds, theophany, return, and aftermath.

While not all elements are present in each case, there’s an 84% consistency in the sequence being faithfully maintained. Thus, we are facing a complex and fascinating phenomenon: abductions.

Meaning of the Term Abduction

Within the field of Ufology, we refer to these peculiar events tied to the unknown as “abductions.”

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, the word abduction, in its most general context, refers to the act of kidnapping someone through persuasion or force, a definition that ufologists have adapted to describe the hypothetical kidnapping of humans by extraterrestrial entities.

We use cautious language, akin to that used in media and official circles in Spain when discussing kidnappings by extremist groups, where everything is “alleged” or “supposed” until proven otherwise, always maintaining the presumption of innocence.

Henceforth, the term abduction will be used exclusively with its meaning within Ufology.

After more than four decades of studies, around a thousand cases of abductions have been identified worldwide, with a notable prevalence in North and South America. However, it is suspected that these cases represent only a fraction of the total, given the elusive nature of the phenomenon…