Uranus Mars conjunction

Uranus Mars conjunction, InfoMistico.com

A few days ago, there was a conjunction between Mars and Uranus, in the sign of Taurus, coincidence that the two stars were placed in a cosmic state “fall”, in this zodiacal band and thus changed the energies of both.

Uranus Mars in conjunction and our arterial hypertension

The conjunction of Mars with Uranus can generate a tendency to anxiety or nervousness, due to Mars’ quality of physical action, speed, aggressiveness and those of Uranus.

Thus, today (and even so, since the conjunction is maintained, although it is dissipating), we may present some mood alterations and states of anxiety and this can be reflected in our blood pressure.

The blood pressure

If a specialist checks blood pressure by chance and finds high numbers, he may diagnose high blood pressure and prescribe some capsules that help lower blood pressure, many of which have some very bad side effects.

In this regard, we must be sure of this diagnosis and regularly monitor blood pressure, because in many cases blood pressure can normalize when the mood changes and we are experiencing changes temporarily.

As a result, it helps to normalize blood pressure, pay attention to our feelings, avoid addiction to things that bother us and create the habit of maintaining a state of calm and serenity. In this sense, meditation, mindfulness and deep breathing are important points.

Likewise, it is necessary to alleviate our fears by keeping our bodies functioning. Walking, yoga, or Tai Chi are very useful tools.

Lower blood pressure

At the same time, a complete, healthy, natural and chemical-free diet, without excess salt and sugar, is a very important point for normal blood pressure. If people develop these habits, rest assured that 90% of people with high blood pressure will recover.

Only in cases where none of these routine procedures are effective, does this indicates a more conservative disease that needs to be treated with antihypertensive drugs.

For the time being, we pay attention to times when planetary formations warn of stressful situations, to correct this influence in a positive direction.

Mars, Uranus and the Lunar North Node

These days, Mars, Uranus and the Lunar Node are associated with them, which represents a learning journey, a mission and something that helps us to move out of our past mistakes and guides us towards better life habits.

The action of Mars under the influence of Uranus can also accelerate in the direction of creativity and innovation, stimulating innovation and a necessary turning point in our lives.

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This article has been adapted and translated by InfoMistico.com / Source: Zodiacal Thermometer