New Moon in Leo 2022

New Moon in Leo 2022,

The New Moon in Leo always comes at the coldest time of the year for the Southern Hemisphere and at the hottest time of the year for the Northern Hemisphere. This time is the hottest in the Northern Hemisphere, but the most relevant thing about a New Moon is that this is the moment when we start a new cycle of action…

New Moon in Leo – Conjunction Uranus, North Node and Mars

When all we see is the light of the Sun in the firmament, for the Moon remains hidden, silent, preparing to reappear, this time transformed and regenerated once again, as it does every month.

Leo, the sign of individuality, of what I call “the inner diamond”, is its moment, more than ever, to shine by its light, that magnificent and unique light, with which we are all born but which we must learn to find, recognize, accept, polish, work on so that it shines in all its splendor.

If we omit any of these steps, we may be left with a dim light that does not represent the immensity of who we are. Leo does not ask to share this Light emanating from our inner diamond with the world.

Creativity at its best, Leo is an adventure in seeing what is before us and making something of it. The dark side of Leo is being so preoccupied with shining so brightly that it leads us to dismiss this star quality in others or perhaps fear being eclipsed.

New Moon and Ceres

This New Moon in Leo at 5º38′ (second fire sign), characterized by its noble nature, generosity and born brightness, forms very close to Ceres, Goddess of Agriculture, who reigns over “food” on our planet and our personal lives.

Globally, the possibility of resumption of Ukraine’s grain trade, stalled due to Russia’s actions in the Black Sea, seems imminent, which may stop the food disaster in Africa and other countries that depend on them.

On a personal level, Ceres speaks to us about our eating habits both physically and emotionally. That which we have difficulty “digesting” has a great opportunity to be brought into consciousness, so that we can restart a new way of “feeding” that favors us physically and emotionally.

What we do not digest bloats our bellies and keeps us from functioning in harmony, while keeping us tied to habits that perpetuate trauma and unhappiness.

These types of alignments are sometimes expressed literally and due to a trine of Jupiter in Aries to the luminaries, it is possible to overindulge in foods that cause us discomfort.

Jupiter square Venus

Jupiter also forms a square (90º) to Venus traveling hand in hand with Lilith, who represents the dark side of the Moon. The side of the feminine that as in the New Moon, we cannot see, but we all know is there.

Barbara Black Kotuv, in her magnificent book about Lilith, tells us about the origin of Lilith according to the Zohar, the book of splendor, which is the fundamental work in the literature of Jewish mystical thought known as Kabbalah.

He says thus:

“God made two great lights. The two lights ascended together with equal dignity. The Moon, however, was not at all comfortable with the Sun and both were mortified with each other.

God to resolve the discord between the two, caused a separation. He caused the Moon to diminish herself and thus the domain of the day came to belong to the masculine and the domain of the night to the feminine.”


The voice of Lilith from the darkness of our psyche can be heard loud and clear, especially when, as in this case (being next to Venus), it is expressed through a couple’s discussion, in that eternal struggle for the supremacy of the heavens between man and woman, or rather between the masculine and the feminine.

Lilith, the seductress, is described by the kabbalists as a harlot who fornicates with men, seduces men and leads them to behave in devious ways. She is called the “impure female.” Imagine!

Fortunately today we can rename Lilith as the female “fury,” in the face of the injustices of patriarchy.

It is what emerges from the feminine that is forced to diminish herself, as in the story of the Zohar, claiming her light with the same rights as sunlight. Something that we should no longer have to claim since the reality of the species is the female and the male. In all species on the planet.

Conjunction Uranus, North Node and Mars.

But the New Moon is when the Moon “diminishes” and hides, to recover, regenerate and re-emerge with the strength that corresponds to it and possesses. This time it does so accompanied by an alignment between Uranus, the Moon’s North Node and Mars in Taurus and also in square to Mercury.

With no desire for alarmism, when Mars aligns with the Nodes unpleasant things happen, as in the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 at the Bataclan nightclub, on September 11, 2001, in NYC, in Barcelona in August 2017 to name the most recent ones.

This time, it does so with Uranus two days after the New Moon, although this is an aspect we can consider “in action” as of now.

Extremely powerful combination

This is an extremely powerful combination but at the same time creative, full of genius and can lead us to want to take risks that we will then have to manage.

We will feel invaded by great desires to initiate projects that can be of great relevance in our life, because Saturn is also involved in this astral formation, forming a T-square, the need to keep our feet on the ground is imperative.

Our limitations will be met with our incredible creativity and the possibility of building a lasting bridge between the two. With Jupiter stationing retrograde the next day and with Saturn, Neptune and Pluto also in retrograde motion, you will need to develop patience as it may take longer than desired to make it work the way you want it to.

Still get on board the positivity of a New Moon in Leo in trigone to Jupiter, as we rarely have this kind of optimism and strength to realize our dreams.

Ja’tovia Gary – artist and cinematographer said:

“Making art is a transformative process that transmutes pain or trauma into something beautiful, useful, functional, instructive.”

Expressing your inner diamond is making art.

Happy New Moon in Leo to everyone!

This article has been adapted and translated by / Source: Cristina Laird´s Astrology

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