Tu BeAv: A Celebration of Love and Creation

Tu BeAv: A Celebration of Love and Creation, InfoMistico.com

Often referred to as “the celebration of love” or “the day of soul mates,” Tu BeAv holds a special place in many hearts. As per the Talmud, it’s even proclaimed to be “the most joyful day of the year.” The reasons why Tu B’Av is held in such high esteem are numerous and varied, but one aspect particularly resonates with me…

Tu BeAv — An Insight into the Jewish Holiday of Love

Tu BeAv, which falls on the 15th of Av (from sunset on Sunday, August 18, to sunset on Monday, August 19, 2024), intriguingly takes place exactly forty days before what’s considered the date of creation.

The 25th of Elul (September 28, 2024) signifies the moment when, according to spiritual teachings, the Creator’s Light decided that humanity should commence its existence. Kabbalists propose that forty days before our birth, our life partner has already been predetermined.

Therefore, on Tu BeAv—forty days before the birth of humanity—an energy was born with the purpose of uniting soul mates.

The Dawn of Mankind

This day, even before the creation of mankind, was when the light of all destined soul mates was first ignited.

Regardless of whether we’re yearning to be in a relationship or striving to enhance an existing one, there has arguably been no better day than Tu BeAv to draw upon the potent energy and love of our soul mate.

At a basic level, we often perceive the union with our soul mate as a cause for celebration. Yet, it’s vital to comprehend that the Talmud doesn’t deem it joyful solely due to the nascent moments of connection or the commencement of a relationship. Instead, the joy stems from the day embodying the totality of the soul mate relationship in its entirety.

The Journey of Spiritual Work

Achieving this ideal union demands years—perhaps 30, 50, or even more—of shared spiritual work and growth.

Indeed, the effort invested in our relationships is arguably the most important work of all. As taught in the Zohar, it’s a blessing to be with someone who inspires us to grow and who, in turn, is willing to be inspired to become the greatest blessing to the world.

As a lesson from Kabbalists tells us, discord in a relationship or between spouses resonates throughout the universe, thereby breeding enmity or exacerbating existing rifts. Consequently, it’s not just our responsibility to nurture our relationships, but also to understand their purpose—to assist and motivate us. It’s a sobering realization that our growth in love can reverberate throughout the world.

The Dynamics of Soul Mate Relationships

On this significant day, it’s crucial to recognize that the Light is manifested through the romantic bond that we attract or cultivate. This manifestation is not just for our benefit but for the enrichment of the entire world.

With the awareness that Tu B’Av is the day when soul mates awaken and unite, let’s pray for the ability to attract and receive the wonderful Light that’s available to us all.

Let’s open our hearts to their fullest potential and call upon our soul mate to either enter our life or enhance our existing relationship.

Here’s hoping that we all tap into the incredible energy available on this jubilant day and take one more step towards being with our soul mate if that’s what we truly desire.

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