Tu B´Av Jewish Holiday

Tu B´Av Jewish Holiday, InfoMistico.com

It s called “the holiday of love” or “the day of soul mates”. The Talmud says it is: “The most joyous day of the year”. Although there are different explanations as to why Tu B’Av is so special, there is one thing in particular that I find deeply moving…

Tu B´Av – Jewish Holiday – The Holiday of Love

Tu B’Av, on the 15th of Av (from the afternoon of Tuesday, August 1 through the afternoon of Wednesday, August 2, 2023), takes place forty days before the date of creation.

The 25th of Elul (September 21, 2022), is the time when the Light of the Creator decided that mankind would begin its existence. The kabbalists teach that forty days before each of us is born, it is already determined who will be our partner.

This is how forty days before mankind came into existence, on Tu B’Av, this energy was created for the joining of soul mates.

The Creation of Man

Even before the creation of man, this was the day when the light of all created soul mates was awakened.

Whether we want to be in a relationship or are already looking to improve one, there has never been a better day than Tu B’Av to attract the powerful energy and love of our soul mate.

Tu B´Av Jewish Holiday, InfoMistico.com
We generally think, on a basic level, that when we are united with our soul mate it is a joyous day.

However, it is important to understand that the Talmud does not call it joyful for the first moments of connection or the beginning of a relationship, but the day that contains the full version of the soul mate relationship itself.

Spiritual work

It takes 30 or 50 (or more!) years of spiritual work and growth together to reach this perfect union.

No task is more important than the work we do in our relationships; Zohar teaches that it is a blessing to be with someone who pushes us to grow and who is willing to be pushed to be the greatest blessing in the world.

There is a teaching of the Kabbalists that when there is discord in a relationship or between husband and wife, it will resonate throughout the universe, creating enmity or amplifying what has already happened.

Therefore, we have a responsibility not only to grow our relationships, knowing their purpose (to help and motivate us) but also to realize that if we truly grow in love it will affect the world we live in.

The soul mate relationship

On this day we must realize that Light is created through the partner relationship we attract or nurture not only for ourselves but for the entire world.

Knowing that Tu B’Av is the day when soul mates awaken and soul mates come together, let us pray that we may all attract and receive the wonderful Light available.

Let us open our hearts to our full state and ask our soul mate to come or enhance our current relationship.

I hope we can all take advantage of the amazing energy we have on this happy day and that we can take a step closer to being with our soul mate if they truly desire it.

This article has been adapted and translated by InfoMistico.com / By The Kabbalah Centre

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